How did Muslims in the Social Media react after Yogi Adityanath was announced as Chief Minister of UP?

The Indian media or paid media as what it can be called is best in spreading fake news and bad propaganda against anyone. The day when Yogi Adityanath was announced as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the entire lutyens media totally went out of control and started to malign Yogi as a communal agent and minorities will be unsafe under his rule.

All the paid media, at the same time, on the same topic and with same mindset posted atleast 5-10 tweets and articles against Yogi Adityanath. Especially people like Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, Rana Aayub, Nidhi Razdan had gone desperate to convince people that Yogi is a threat to Muslims and minority.

Looked like Economic Times had taken official contract to malign Yogi Adityanath saying that people of UP are not happy with Yogi as the CM candidate. These so called journalists went on to build fake stories saying that UP people voted for development and Yogi is not the face of development. The Wire called the CM of Uttar Pradesh as a militant.

Those people who speak for terrorist like Burhan Wani or support those who chant Bharat Ki Barbadi slogans in the capital of India, think they can give judgements on a man who speaks for the country?  Comparing a state Cm to a militant is the worst thing a media can do. Did Yogi organise terror camps against India, did he chant slogans against India? Did he say our soldiers rape women? Did he say Kashmir belongs to Pakistan or did he raise ISIS flags on Indian soil?

Those people who work against India are happily sitting in TV studios, in Universities and in few political parties who call it freedom of Speech! Those places like Kerala and West Bengal where the so called seculars are ruling are seeing mass murders of Hindus and increase in terror activities due to appeasement politics…..The world knows what exactly is the meaning of secularism in India!

So on what basis and morality do these people speak?

These evidences are enough shut the mouth of these so called journalists who are on a mission to call everyone who wears saffron as communal, Muslim hater and Anti Secular.

Take a look at these tweets, they are Muslims who have commended the move of making Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Its better the paid media keep their mouth closed instead of ranting nonsense and spreading lies against a person just to impress their masters in 10 JP!

Aishwarya S