Must Read!!! A Dalit teacher from JNU reveals “why the anti-India lobby from JNU hates PM Modi to the core”!

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) that gained prime time attention for the anti-national activities within its campus in 2016 has reached heights for its activities in the filed of “Anti-India Activities” since then. Be it abusing the soldiers, be it abusing the Prime Minister of the nation and even the rich heritage of India, a gang of students from JNU has proved to be path-breaking.

Using caste and religion, few of the JNU students like the “Tukde Tukde Gang” fame  Kanhaiyya Kumar, Umar Khalid and even Shehla Rashid have succeeded in spreading enmity between communities, castes and religions in India. Other than focusing on the academics and contributing to the nation, these were “path-breaking” in all the unwanted fields.

But now a Dalit teacher from JNU has exposed why the anti-India lobby from JNU hate PM Modi!

Recently the Pune City Police had arrested Rona Wilson, a former student of JNU, on charges of planning to cause harm to PM Modi. The document had also revealed that Rona Wilson along with others had planned to organise the lecture series at JNU and supply material for the programme.

Did the Indians know that the anti-India lobby in the JNU receive funds from foreign nations? Yes, Dr Kumar had thrown light on this secret link between the anti-India lobby and the foreign nations that are eager to break India.

Dr Kumar stated,

  • These people talk about bringing social justice while living a lavish life, wearing branded clothes and holidaying in foreign countries. Someone needs to ask them that with the kind of salary that they get as professors in JNU, how they manage to go so frequently on foreign holidays.
  • All this comes from foreign funding and since the present Narendra Modi government has clamped down on NGOs and organisations through which they are funded, they are attacking the government.

Dr Kumar who himself is a Dalit praised the Modi government for supporting the Dalits. Even though the JNU is in India, none of the roads of JNU were named after the Indian heroes, but the Modi government made it possible. He stated,

  • The present government has brought Dalits into the mainstream. So many heroes whose names were forgotten in history have been resurrected by this government.
  • So many roads of JNU have been named in the names of Indian heroes. This did not happen before.

Now that PM Modi is taking a revolutionary step at frequent intervals, the anti-India lobby in JNU is insecure of losing their special privilege that they got before. Dr Kumar stated,

  • They do not give back anything to the government. They are misusing the facilities provided to them. Now, this government is taking steps to stop this, which has angered the Left-leaning professors who used to have a monopoly here.
  • Earlier, only those students who subscribed to the Leftist ideology were able to live on this campus. All others were harassed. Now, this is changing and more and more students who support the right, national thinking are becoming vocal.

Source: The Sunday Guardian

Hansika Raj