MUST READ: Ajit Doval Reveals….The Biggest Betrayal by Congress to Our Armed Forces

It’s been 70 years since India got Independence, but even today we have to think 100 times before we strike any country or dare a country like China. Why?

Not because we are incapable or we are scared, but because the constant neglect in the defence area from our previous governments has taken our defence capabilities to all time low. YES…We know Indian Defence is one of the best and fourth in the world. But even then our country backtracks when it has to stand against China.

India with its potential should have now been in top 2 or 3 in defence sector by now, but what exactly happened from past 60 years was a complete betrayal. In 1945-46, during the second world war many countries like UK, Japan and even US used to take India’s technical help for aircraft carriers and fighter planes as India had provided base for these countries. In this process UK-India had built more than 25 aircraft operational units, small parts manufacturing units which came as natural advantage for India’s manufacturing sector.

After India’s independence, all we had to do was develop these sectors into world class defence manufacturing hub. But our then Prime Minister NEHRU had other interests – POLITICS and VOTE BANKS!!!

Nehru kept DEFENCE the important sector of our country aside and took up unwanted vote bank politics, caste, and religion into main stream. As a result the entire defence manufacturing units was neglected and got no support from government. Most of our scientists who were working in missile technology, air crafts, space technology found no other way but to leave the country. This was the biggest DEFEAT India faced.

Since then, we started purchasing all our defence equipments from foreign countries paying 10 times more money. Our manufacturing sector collapsed so badly that our country failed to manufacture a small 9mm pistol, which we still import from Yugoslavia. We started purchasing aircrafts, missiles, ships, submarines, tanks, ammunition’s, guns and rifles.

The real reason why congress failed Indian Defence was not just because they were not interested, but they had huge profit in the defence deals. It’s well known fact that defence deals involve huge money (thousands of crores) which is probably more than one state’s budget. This was the money congress was interested in!!!

If we remember the SCAMS which emerged during the Congress government, starting from Jeep Scam 1948, Bofors 1987, Ordnance Factory Board Scam 2007, Bribe Scam 2009, Tatra trucks scam 2012, Agusta Westland and Rafale Deal scams are typical examples to show how much money was looted in the name of defence deals.

The deals with foreign countries not only costed huge but many countries started restricting us not to use their weapons against their friendly countries, which again hit India badly and became one of the reasons for India not taking firm action against Pakistan and China. And when these equipment’s required maintenance we had to pay 8-10 times more money to bring experts from foreign countries.

On the other hand China which did not have one single defence manufacturing unit in 1950’s today supplies its most advanced equipment’s to the world.

During 1960s the United Nations had asked India whether it would sign the Nuclear Suppliers Group as we had many scientists working in nuclear field. But the great Nehru refused to sign the treaty promising that India will never use any Nuclear weapons nor will built any!!! But China realized the importance of the treaty and immediately signed the pact which also opened the doors for it to become the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. This one mistake of Nehru is still killing India!



The decision of Nehru to reject NPT was completely opposed by two great scientists working on NUCLEAR WEAPONS and MISSILE TECHNOLOGYDr Homi J Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai both who saw mysterious deaths! Their death’s is regarded as biggest conspiracy which was related to NPT deal. While Homi J Bhabha was killed in an air crash in 1966, Sarabhai died in mysterious circumstances in 1971. No autopsy was conducted and the the government had refused to take the case for investigations.

APJ Abdul Kalam was in the same team working for missile technology and it was their effort which lead to success story of Pokhran 53C test. Then Vajpayee Government took keen interest and supported the nuclear tests despite opposition from the entire world saying India is not part of NPT

Since Modi took over, we see him chanting MAKE IN INDIA, START UP INDIA, STAND UP INDIA ….this was not just Modi’s dream but the dream which was seen by great men like JRD Tata, Sir M Visveshwaraiah, Homi J Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai and Abdul Kalam 50 years back to make India the world power

But what we saw …..With all capacity, with all great minds India in 50 years fell to ZERO while China from ZERO grew to become No. 1! This is the gift what Nehru and Congress Government has given us.

Hear what Ajit Doval has to say about Congress

Aishwarya S**