Must Read! Arnab Goswami Resigns: The Untold Story!

Arnab Goswami haters had just started to enjoy…Before they could even light a CRACKER, Arnab Goswami has given a rude shock saying he is BACK TO TIMESNOW!

Yes the 9 PM news King Arnab Goswami had earlier resigned as the editor in chief of Timesnow. The reason few sources said that he was planning to start his own venture and wanted to quit the channel. However the internal sources also said there were few misunderstandings between the Times group owner and Arnab Goswami. BUt the Times now has managed to bring him back to the channel.

But few of his colleagues who did not wanted to reveal their names said he wanted to start a new channel along with Rajeev Chandrasekhar and American media baron Rupert Murdoch.

The 9PM news which is synonym with the name “Arnab Goswami”  is known for his high voltage and high decibel debates. He had led the TimesNow channel to un-matchable viewership records and had made it most popular in the media business ever since he joined in 2006.

As soon as the news of his resignation spread, the social media blogs especially Twitter reacted quickly with his name trending on top.

But for sure….many of his competitors and haters are disappointed with the news of his return!!!



Aishwarya S