MUST READ: Biggest Pakistan Media Conspiracy Revealed!

Congress and AAP have fallen in trap of Pakistan’s ISPR propaganda machinery.

We all have seen how Pakistan is creating igniting debate on Surgical Strike conducted by India last week. They are propagating false news that there was no surgical strike by India. But this is the same OLD TRICK the Pakistan played in 2010 as well.

Pakistan media in 2010 had claimed that they had wikileaks cables which had revealed dark truth’s about Indian Army. This was an attempt to malign the Indian Army and cry foul in the United Nations. But the story of Pak lies were demolished by The Guardian. The Pakistan media and international media who had published it without verifying facts had to apologize later.

Here are headline of leading newspapers of world as well as Pakistan Media retracting story carried by Pakistan Media in 2010 to defame Indian Army.

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img-20161004-wa0098            img-20161004-wa0099


All leading news papers and electronic media of Pakistan had reported news quoting WikiLeaks cable, same news articles were sent to all leading global news houses and they too reported it without verifying from original source, WikiLeaks.


When The Guardian did little bit of research about news and searched all WikiLeaks cables about so called news generated by Pakistani media, they were surprised to find no such cable was listed in WikiLeaks, after confirming same from WikiLeaks who also denied of having reported or uploading any such thing in their database, The Guardian exposed Pakistani lies after which Pakistan media had to apologize for carrying false news reports to defame Indian Army.

Now present scenario is similar to 2010, where Pakistan army is trying it’s best to spread lies using its media houses and than the passing same news articles to international media houses.

Their recent 2 big fake news articles were that Pak army took domestic as well as international media to Bhagsar and showed them no surgical strike has taken place, but if you read or watch same news none of journalists is reporting from Border Out Post (BOP) where they could see the real facts.

Another news spread by Pakistan media and story followed by international media is that Secretary General UN, Ban Ki-moon”™s spokesperson Stephane Dujarric has also rejected India’s claim, but fact is in the daily press briefing, Dujarric said “The UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) has not directly observed any firing across the LoC related to the latest incidents.”

Now why hasn’t UNMOGIP directly observed any such strike…?

Because surgical strike took place in PoK whereas UNMOGIP is located in Islamabad which is good 170 km away from ground zero on LoC, and they weren’t taken to LoC by Pakistani army like they took journalists.

By riding shoulder of UNMOGIP’s claim that they haven’t “directly observed any firing” Pakistan did self goal as one can’t be witness to event that took place 170kms away from his office.

Wait for few weeks for Pakistan army and Pakistan media to deny their story again.

Anil Mattoo