Must Read! This British Reporter Insulted India, Anupam Kher gives him a befitting reply!

Anupam Kher known for his nationalistic views has never shied away from taking a stand against those people/media who use every opportunity to mock India without any credible reason. The way Anupam Kher has made every single Indian proud by his befitting reply everytime the idea of a new India was attacked by people who cannot digest the fact that a common man has risen from ranks is governing the country today.

Recently, the star cast of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Padnekar and Anupam Kher where interviewed by a British news channel – Channel 4 as a part of promotion of the movie internationally. The interview which was supposed to spread the message of open defecation being one of the biggest problem which has to be dealt with complete seriousness turned out to be ugly when the anchor tried to take a jab at the star cast of the movie by mocking the movie and its release date.

First, the anchor started the interview with an introductory note, “A film which talks about the problem of open defecation in the country is being released around the Independence Day on August 11”.

All the three actors said ‘Yes’ instantly and tried to undo the damage done by anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy. But the anchor’s bad intentions did not stop here. His choice of words and his tone made the interview turn really ugly. The British reporter crossed all the limits and posed some uncomfortable questions to the cast. He also questioned the main theme of the movie – open defecation.

Anupam Kher could not take it anymore when the reporter tried to show down the country by questioning, “How do you feel this is such a big issue in your country 70 years after Independence?”

Anupam Kher who was all calm and composed until then, broke loose and gave the arrogant anchor befitting reply. A reply which not only shut the bad mouthed anchor but also all those people around the world who try to show the areas which India is lagging in.

He said, “The expression is different on my side. We are only 70 years old. Britishers ruled us for 200 years, they should have done that (educating people about sanitation). They did the railways first, for themselves. They wanted them to remain poor, not get educated, so that they can say ‘Oh these Indians. How do they do it – they defecate in the open.’ So that is also an issue.”

It’s such a shame that a movie which raises a very important issue of open defecation and is trying to educate the common mass to bring a positive change in the country by building community toilets is being targeted by the so called educated class for the petty reason. But every single time any of these so called liberals who hate the rise of Modi, tried to attack the idea of a new India, nationalists like Anupam Kher have stood up strong against them showing them the mirror. We are proud of you Anupam ji.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is hitting the screens on August 11.