Must Read! The Ever Lasting Friendship of Cho Ramaswamy With Narendra Modi and Jayalalitha!!

Seems like there is no end for the plight of Tamil Nadu people, yesterday it was Jayalalitha and today it is Cho Ramaswamy who died. Just 3 weeks back, legendary singer M Balamuralikrishna expired following brief illness. Somehow since last year, December has been very hard on Tamil Nadu people. They suffered severe floods last year, which brought entire Chennai to stand still and this year they have lost one of their very fond leaders J Jayalalitha.

Cho Ramaswamy who was a legendary journalist, political analyst and comedian was 82 and was suffering from prolonged illness since long time. He founded and edited the political magazine Thuglak magazine and was fearless in criticising the ruling government in the state or at the centre. He was known for his straight forward attitude and never hesitated to criticize anyone how powerful they were.

Cho Ramaswamy was a very good friend of Jayalalitha and she used to ask for his opinion on politics and policy matters many times. They shared a very good rapport and at the same time was frank enough to criticize each other and correct them when they do mistakes. Last year when Jayalalitha had visited Cho Ramaswamy in hospital, she had emotionally told him “Come back soon, I need a friend”. A year later seems like he kept up his word, ironically he was admitted to the same Apollo hospital where Jayalalitha was admitted and also passed away just 2 days after Jayalalitha’s death. May be their friendship was strong enough to even meet after death.


Cho was one person Amma trusted very much and admired him a lot. It was Cho who had supported Jayalalitha when she had decided to leave Chennai following threats from rival parties. But Cho had convinced her to stay in Tamil Nadu and had asked her to stand firm and fight it out! She had however left Chennai and came back only after she became CM. It was Cho Ramaswamy who had received her in the airport.

Not many know that Cho Ramaswamy was also a very close friend to Narendra Modi as well. Modi was a great admirer of Cho and his works, he always loved the way he subtly conveyed strong message in his articles and analysis. Last year PM Narendra Modi called on Ramaswamy, at his residence in Chennai. Modi had enquired about his health and wished him speedy recovery. Cho Ramaswamy had hailed Modi that his friendship was so good that Prime Minister took time to come and meet him.


PM Modi had participated in the 42nd anniversary of the magazine as Gujarat Chief Minister in Chennai on January 14, 2012 and the way Cho Ramaswamy had introduced Modi had made everyone slip into laughter at his great sense of humor.

Narendra Modi himself tells that he could not match his eloquence

It is sad that these days we hardly can see people like Cho Ramaswamy in journalism. He was a dignified person with high morality and kept up the ethics of journalism. His unique style of articulation, a strong and feisty nature can never be compared.  Somehow India is losing all gems and people with least knowledge, moral and dignity are left in most fields.

Aishwarya S


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