Must Read : What happened to India-China relationship within a month?

India – China relations are now openly coming out and it is antagonistic. The not so good relation actually started since India started rising and penetrating Global Geo Politic Game. The point of understanding is that right now every country in world is inter dependent and that too on various parameters like Geographical Borders, Economic Trade, Culture, Civilisation and History. 

China and India in reality has a very different kind of geographical interdependence which is problem for China. China is vastly separated from India because of Tibet. China doesn’t have any connection with India if you remove one National Highway and Railway Track. This fact is known to China and that is the reason China is making Pakistan its colony and building a Sea Port and Military Base. 

China knows they are vulnerable because they can’t attack India from any of its side because India is surrounded by Ocean from three Sides and You have to destroy whole world to defeat Indian Navy. Indian Navy is as strong as any one and with USA, Japan and Russia always in support with India and have done Maritime Military Pact Indian Navy can’t be dared to be defeated. This is the only reason China invested in Srilanka hugely and get Colombo Port. 

Chinese desperate attempt to buy Bangladesh Chittagong Port falls flat as Bangladesh gave India contract to maintain Chittagong Port. China also wants to enter Bhutan via Sikkim and Nepal and This is the reason Of new conflict which came into limelight. Indian Mainstream Media once again as usual shows wrong news by saying that China enters India. Let me present series of event which happen at border explained in details by Nitin Gokhale who is National Security Analyst. 

  1. Focus on Modi-Trump meeting, but here’s what has happened in Chumbi Valley over past 1 month. People Liberation Army of China wanted to build a road on the tri-junction
  2. PLA’s ultimate aim is to extend the road from Tibet into Bhutan via India. Having got wind of it, Indian Army took steps to stop construction.
  3. The standoff began almost a month ago; As PLA brought in construction equipment & set up labour camps in the area, India sent reinforcements.
  4. No Indian bunkers destroyed as is being reported; in fact last night’s PLA statement speaks about India having prevented road construction.
  5. This is new template India has adopted on the LAC; From Chumar in 2014  to Doka La, India now takes a firm stand without being provocative.
  6. The face off will likely continue until the winter sets in by end of October. Diplomatic efforts are of course on to end the impasse earlier.
  7. The timing of the Chinese statement is interesting. @globaltimesnews tweeted it after 20.30 IST, even as Modi was meeting Mattis in Washington.
  8. The stoppage of Mansarovar Yatra and whatever trade takes place through Nathu La is part of the pressure tactics by China.
  9. India has decided not to budge; the fact that Indian COAS visited the area to boost morale of the troops last week, shows Indian intent

China is applying religious and Trade pressure which is laughable. Why I am saying laughable because when You see Balance of Trade between China and India then you will realise it’s not India but it’s China who will cry. 

Once India make Import Duty higher or apply restriction on Trade then Chinese will cry. Trade deficit is currently standing at 37 billion USD. China must check their way of doing work because If India start its tactic of pressure then There will be no place to hide and they know it. China is the only country which is obstructing India from being a part of NSG and UNSC and Chinese forget that their UNSC membership is a beggary given by JL Nehru.

Let me give one example of Chinese Trade.

Xiaomi sold 40,00,000 Redmi 3S phone in India within a year. 

Now sold 10,00,000 Redmi 4 phones in 30 days!

And.. China blocks Kailash Manasarovar pilgrimage..

What does it tell you about India and China relationship?

What India requires is to understand A clear view of Chinese who are desperate to surround India which is impossible to do. India must enter South China Sea Politics and expose China.  China is also pinched because After Narendra Modi arrived India openly talking to Vietnam and Japan on Illegal Chinese Occupation of South China Sea. 

Abhishek Kumar