Must Read : Heroic soldiers who conducted ‘surgical strikes’ awarded on Republic Day !

In September, the elite paratroopers of Indian Army carried out one of the most daredevil operations in the history of India. The special forces of 4 Para and 9 Para crossed over the border, entered into the Pakistani territory and destroyed a number of terror launchpads, inflicting huge casualty of terrorists who were ready to infiltrate into the Indian territory. The ‘surgical strike’ across the border was celebrated all over the country and has boosted the morale of our soldiers. On the eve of Republic Day, Government of India has recognized the unparalleled valor of the soldiers who undertook this operation. 19 soldiers of the two elite special forces units 4 Para and 9 Para have been awarded various gallantry medals.

Major Rohit Suri of 4 Para was the man who led one of the teams that went across the Line of Control and carried out surgical strikes on terror launchpads. He has been awarded Kirti Chakra, which is the second highest gallantry award during peacetime (Ashok Chakra is the highest peacetime gallantry award). Five special force soldiers who were a part of Major Rohit Suri’s team have been awarded the Shaurya Chakra.

Col Kapil Yadav, commanding officer of 9 Para and Col Harpreet Sandhu, Commanding Officer of 4 Para, were awarded the Yudh Sewa Medal, one of India’s military decorations awarded to mark distinguished service during war time is awarded for a high degree of distinguished service in an operational content, including times of war, conflict, or hostilities and may also be awarded posthumously. 13 other soldiers of the elite groups 4 Para and 9 Para who undertook the daredevil operation were awarded the Sena Medals for their gallantry. The surgical strikes on terror launchpads across the LoC were carried out by 4 Para and 9 Para in retaliation to the terrorist attack on army camp in Uri, in which 19 soldiers were martyred. As per military sources, more than 50 terrorists were killed in the surgical strikes and a significant number of launchpads were destroyed.

Kshitij Mohan