MUST READ! What Was Jayalalitha’s Real Opinion About Uniform Civil Code and Ram Temple??

Many do not know what was the real opinion of Jaylalitha on UCC and Ram Temple issue. “India requires a common civil code”, these were the words of none other than the Late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha. This statement was made in the 2003 by Jayalalitha when a reporter asked her opinion about the UCC issue. She was in very much favour that country people should be recognized as Indians first and not based on caste or religion.

She believed that the in a democracy, religious practices should not be made laws of the country and therefore everyone should be bound to follow one law irrespective of which religion or caste they belong to. She had said that a common civil code will ensure true equality for everyone and said she will any day support the common civil code if brought in parliament. Even when she was asked specifically if introduction of Common civil code would snatch the rights of minorities…she had said “Not at all, why would it snatch anyone’s rights?”

When she was asked whether the opposition was playing “Dirty” politics using the name of minorities, she had bluntly said that the “answer lies in the question itself.”

Not just on the issue of UCC, she had even declared that she fully support the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya saying  “If we cannot build a temple in India for Lord Rama, then where else can we build it? It should be built.”

She had said that by ‘principle’ she supports the construction of Ram temple. She was very clear about the fact that building a Ram temple was not against any religion and it was the right of the people to believe in Ram to demand so. When she was asked whether she would support to move the legislative bill for the Ram temple, she had replied that the legislative bill was not brought and it’s a complicated issue which needs to be solved through talks.

She had said she doesn’t want to get into the legal issues, but her party by principle supports the construction of Ram Temple.

Jayalalitha when compared to Congress was a true secular, since she never went behind vote bank politics but instead helped all kinds of people irrespective of their caste and religion. Even during her election speeches, she did not rack the issues of religious sentiments but focused only on what would she do to the people of Tamil Nadu.

In an interview in 2010, she had even raised the issues of how the Indian army was being neglected by the then Congress government. Quoting the repeated provocations by the Pakistan terrorists, she had categorically stated the main reason for Pakistan to go out of control was due to the COMPLETE INACTION and SOFT APPROACH towards the terror country.  She had even said that it was necessary that government provides army with best facilities to improve their efficiency and reduce deaths of soldiers.

Whatever may be her political inclination, she was a true Nationalist and was concerned about the Country.

Aishwarya S