Must Read! How Kerala is Silently Being Radicalized!

When we were kids, our schools and teachers stressed more on India values and taught us how our regional languages were derived from Sanskrit and how our culture was part of daily activities and had scientific values. But as years passed our Indian values were treated as cheap and low. The so called liberals wanted to push in the westernization formula and show  Indian culture in bad light.

It’s always been a part of strategy since the Mughals and  Britishers time to break India on the basis of caste and religion. For which they spewed venom against different caste creating divide among Indians. This strategy was gradually picked by many so called secular parties post Independence to play their vote bank politics. They started treating India and its culture as filth and encouraged westernization and mis-guided the youths of the country.

The rich culture and its link with scientific thinking were masked and instead it was projected that Indians only follow blind beliefs and there is no logic in our culture. Generations of false preaching led to a situation where our own people started hating our culture and ignored the true concepts. Today our country is in such situation that, if we tell we can speak French, German or Russian, people applaud you but you say I say speak Sanskrit or 10 different Indian languages people laugh at you.

In India, schools cannot introduce Sanskrit, cannot speak Hindi, cannot talk about Mahabharat or Ramayan, which are two greatest epics of India but can organize ARABIC CULTURE and POETRY Conference!

Yes, it’s no joke! A school in Kerala is organizing ARABIC SAHITHYOTSAVA this month to encourage people’s love towards ARABIC language.

This is being organized by AUP School of Kerala for 4 days from 26th November to 30th November. The name given apparently looks so DESI, but the objective of the program is to make people learn ARABIC. In order to avoid controversy and attention of critics, this school has given the name as SAMSKRITHOTSAVA and ARABIC SAHITYOTSAVA. The names are given to mislead people and mask the fact that it’s not Indian language conference but Arabic conference. These invitations are being silently circulated in Muslim dominated areas in Kerala.


The main idea of this is mass scale conversion of other religions to Islam. There were many articles published in newspapers that Kerala Muslims are being very much influenced by Arab ideas. It is also one of the main reasons for many youth missing from Kerala and joining the ISIS. Many people in Kerala say that youths are being provoked by showing videos of JIHAD and Islamic ideas and are being told they are warriors of Allah and need them to spread the message of Jihad around the world.

It is also been said Arabic food, language and their way of live is being followed by various Muslims in Kerala, especially in the regions of Malabar and Kozhikode. The Muslim organizations have also started promoting a state-specific Islamic calendar, which was once only followed in Arab countries. Local people also say that Muslims in this region are being taught to follow Sharia Laws and girls are being taught to wear burqas from childhood. Some of the Muslims clerics and organization even protested against the One Nation One Law concept which is being debated in recent times.

What looks dangerous is the attraction towards ISIS and Sharia Laws. These un-lawful practices and ideology which is been opposed in the world, unfortunately is being followed in our own country. If this trend continues, twenty years down the lane, Kerala will be called Mini Arab or Mini ISIS land.

Aishwarya S


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