Must Read! As Long As We Have Sikhs in Our Army, Pakistan Can Never Defeat India Says Italian!!!

The Sikhs regiment are considered to be one of the most daring and feared forces country ever has. They are regarded to have a great history with numerous awards for their bravery and commitment. Its also said these people promise themselves that they will not return  with an Un-Accomplished Mission! Although the Sikh regiment has only 10 % of the total army jawans, their contribution and patriotism is beyond imaginations and compare.

One such story narrated by Kulveer Singh Samra shows the bravery of Sikhs which will indeed make Indians proud. Kulveer Singh Samra along with his friend was travelling to Italy during 1999, when India had declared war against Pakistan in Kargil.

In the month of May in 1999, Kulveer Singh had turned on the BBC news when he heard that Indina Air Force had started offensive against Pakistan while the situation has turned very tense and it may turn out to be a full-fledged war against Pakistan. The Pakistan had occupied many peak points which has put India in a dangerous situation. Since Kulveer Singh was on official visit for promoting company products, he and his friend continued their work visiting company booths and stalls.

It was in one booth he noticed a stylish Italian guy relaxing and having a chat with his friend. His dressing sense was brilliant with a brown shoe and a red golf cap, he looked very smart. Kulveer Singh and his friend got into the promotional lecture when the conversation took turn into Kargil war!

The Italian guy suddenly said, “Pakistan can never defeat India! “

Kulveer Singh immediately replied, Oh Ya! “Of course we have a bigger army.”

Italian guy said, NO you got it wrong,  Kulveer Singh asked How?? To which Italian guy said “Do you know Sikhs?”

Kulveer Singh said, “Yes of course, I am a Sikh”!

Italian guy immediately stood up and said “Oh really….took off his cap and said Salute You” in his Italian language! Kulveer Singh was confused and a little stunned.

Hats off to you Sikh bro, You really don’t know why Pakistanis can never defeat India..?? Pakistan can never defeat India until Sikhs fight for India!!!

Italian guy then started narrating a story about his grandfather, who was in Mussolini’s army in the Second World War. He always used to tell a story that how they won many battles in east Africa and also against the British. They thought they were undefeated. But then the British brought a very scary looking army regiment and so ferocious in the battle field. The Italians got scared just by hearing them scream. His grandfather described  that this scary looking people fought with their artillery, when they finished their artillery they fought with their guns, when they have no bullets they fought with bayonets, when their Bayonets were snatched they fought with knives, even when they are bleeding they fought with bare hands…They were the India’s Sikh Regiment!


He said that it was the Skihs who turned the war around. They routed their enemy wherever they want! It was the Sikh regiment which captured his grandfather and he was a war prisoner. He said how Sikhs who were ferocious like animals on fields were so kind guardians in the camps. He said how they would sleep without food, but would provide clean food and water to the prisoners. They gave them so much respect and treated them well told his grandfather. He used to describe them as Gallant in War, Gracious in Victory.


He said, his grandpa told him many stories about Sikhs and he got inspired by their unmatched bravery. He had said, if you want to be a  true Man meet Sikhs once in your life. The Italian who took his words seriously had visited Punjab and visited many temples and people. But he wanted to see Sikh army in Action, for which he came to Delhi during the republic day.

He saw various army men, different regiments marching proudly singing Saare Jaha Se Achha….from far he noticed the Sikh Regiment approaching, he had goose bumps when he saw the Sikh regiment for the first time. He remembered all the good words his grandfather had told about Sikh regiment. He said he had seen Germans, Russians and even Italians, but none can match the discipline of the Sikhs. He recalled the great dedication in which Sikhs fought in war and concluded that no other force in the world can ever match the Sikh regiment.

So…My Friend that’s why I say Pakistan can Never Defeat India when you have Sikhs Fighting for You, said the Italian!


Kulveer Singh was stunned and did not move for few seconds. This story narrated 15 years back still cannot be forgotten tells Kulveer Singh. There was an article in Telegraph which said British wanted to start a Sikh regiment in their army, of course Britishers realise something we Indians seem to be forgetting!

Aishwarya S**