MUST READ! How ‘Love Jihad’ Is Proved to be Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress for Young Victims of Society Explains Chetna Sharma


By what we read in the newspapers and hear on the news channels, we all are familiar with the term ‘Love Jihad’. What does it mean to us- a political brute, a political demon, an act of vengeance; all purported by ‘goons’. It seems that the only agenda of such terms being coined politically is to promote ‘Bharat’ concept in India.

According to indianexpress, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha is vexed again — this time over 2015 UPSC topper Tina Dabi’s announcement on Facebook about her decision to marry second topper and Kashmiri youth Athar Aamir-ul Shafi Khan. The right-wing outfit has termed the decision as ‘love jihad’ and has even offered help to Dabi family for Khan’s‘re-conversion’ or ghar-wapasi.

If we go by these recent media reports, any normal person will think common on the subject under discussion. Why would we believe that a UPSC topper is capable of being wooed by a youth, and then, that is it really a matter of national interest discussion? We all will safely presume that such news are only propagated by vested interests- that there always is a negative sentiment attached to the news of two people from different religions/communities to fall in love with each other.

And rightly so! Are we not aware of some hard realities in the many village communities of India? That there is love discrimination on the basis of caste, communities, status, and what not; a common practice for many decades now. At max, we all sympathize with the fate of young couples in our heart, and then dismiss it.

Another media report in internethindu shared Advocate Chetna Sharma views saying that she is passionate about saving the youth from the concept of Love Jihad, which is a term casually dismissed by upper social strata of the urban society in Bharat today, specially the leftist liberals. 

Advocate Chetna Sharma is a practicing lawyer, whose objective is to fight ‘Love Jihad’, and rehabilitate the young victims, especially girls. Chetna Sharma is also the founder of organization- Hindu Swabhimaan. She has also worked for women’s wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).

So, in this media report we have views of a legal person on ‘Love Jihad’ as a ground reality. In this social and legal picture we have real victims and rehabilitation of young girls and boys, who undergo physical, mental, and emotional stress. We thought it is our moral duty to share some experts of the interview, as whatever is the exact reason, the exact cause or even the exact motive; there really are many young victims of society suffering from their fate.

Chetna Sharma is not afraid of being vocal about her views on the subject.

“I don’t feel scared because I believe in Geeta. Aatma is deathless. This is the reason why we keep spirituality as our base. Jihadis have no fear of death. Hindus need to learn to be fearless, if they become fearless, the problem of Jihad will die.”

Chetnaji says, “Love Jihad is a small word, it is actually ‘Jihad Against Women’. It has various aspects – Rape Jihad, Kidnapping etc, many things which expose the cruelty against women in Islam. Love Jihad is basically targeting, grabbing a young girl who doesn’t yet understand the concept of marriage /nikah and then exploiting her, making her reproduce many kids and increase population, and then if she tries to run away from all this – torture her, that is beyond imagination and happens nowhere in civilized society.”

Chetna Sharma shares a heart-wrenching story of a 15-year old young girl.

The case that hurt me most was of a 15 year old girl who expired. A 41 year old Muslim man came in contact with her through telephonic conversation. He used to call her very regularly. He influenced her so much that she went from Hathras to Muzaffarnagar to meet him. There she was gang raped for 2.5 months, she was a month pregnant when I met her. She was transferred to Meerut for fear of riots. I got a call for giving her some clothes. When I went to meet her, I mean.. how can you deny Love Jihad, how can the urban society deny Love Jihad… when i saw her, she was bathed with acid. She gestured me to come close, she couldn’t speak. She wrote on a piece of paper the name of the man ‘Tarneem’. She wrote that she wouldn’t survive, nails were drubbed into her head. She wrote if her hair would be ringed, blood would drip from the hair. Her jaws were broken because of frequent kicking and that’s why she couldn’t speak. She was transferred to Safdarjung hospital where she expired. The man was caught and news came on TV in the episode of Sansani. The girl’s father got threats from Pakistan. How can this ever be termed as a love relationship?

Chetna Sharma views on Tina Dhabi case and Tina’s counter-view on her Facebook criticism.

Now look at Tina Dhabi, IAS topper, this is an example-setter again. When our girls get influenced and go into Madrasas, they are given target of getting 5 more girls. I can say this because I am in contact with these girls, but these girls will not come out in public. A single girl goes, and her entire circle gets influenced. Minute observations are required. This cannot be called love.

Indianexpress shares, Tina Dhabi has been responding to such criticisms on her Facebook page where her photographs with Khan are public.  In one of the posts, she said:  “As any freethinking independent woman I am entitled to certain choices. I am very happy with my choice and so is Aamir. Our parents are happy too. But there will always be those elements, that small minority who will always pass negative comments about dating someone from another religion. It is just that 5%. The majority are very happy . You would have seen in my Facebook timeline that most of the comments are encouraging.”

–Pooja Bhatia