Must read! How Mamata Banerjee’s extreme hatred towards Hindus is helping BJP-RSS make inroads into West Bengal!

Aishwarya S

On Makara Sankrati this year, the RSS conducted a massive rally in the brigade parade grounds of Kolkata. Mamata Banerjee was totally against RSS rally and denied permission not once but twice. But however, the RSS which approached the High court got permission and went ahead with the program.

Since almost 4-5 years there has been visible failure of Law and order in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee’s vote bank politics has lead to severe clashes between communities and destroyed the peaceful environment in W Bengal. Over the years, Mamata Banerjee has completely turned her interest towards appeasing the minority votes which constitutes around 27%. The appeasement politics went to such extent that she disowned the Hindu community and even tried to curb the age old practice of celebrating Durga festivals. Dugra Festival is considered to be one of the most sacred and important festival for Hindus and Kolkata is well known for the tradition it carried from centuries. But last year, the state government had deliberately put restrictions of Durga pooja and came under severe criticism by people.

The state government had passed order that the Durga idol immersion and processions must be over before Moharram begins and there it should not cause any trouble to the minority community. But this order had clearly raged many people who went to High court seeking intervention to allow Hindus to perform Durga Pooja without any restrictions. The court had later slammed the state government for curbing in the celebrations of Hindu festivals to please the Muslims community. The court had said “that the time limits set by the state government for Durga idol immersion on account of Moharram were “arbitrary” and said the order was a “clear endeavour” by the state to “appease the minority section of the public” as reported by The Indian Express.

But Mamata Banerjee government seems to have learnt no lessons. Her government is said to have given freehand to minorities who are now indulging in dangerous acts of violence and attacking Hindu community in many places. The Hindus families are living under constant fear and are moving out of the state.

Recently there were more than 2-3 riots which happened in the places of Malda and Dhulagarh. The Hindus were brutally murdered, their homes set on fire and women were molested. The Malda riots sparked up when a Muslim guy eve teased a Hindu girl which lead to violent clashes between the communities where majority of Hindu areas was ransacked and people were beaten to death. The Dhulgarh riots sparked during Eid-e-Milad procession when minority community started attacking people of Hindu community and torched their houses. Hundreds of people lost their homes and had to move out of villages in fear.

But none of the media highlighted the incidents since the victims were Hindus and they wanted to protect Mamata Banerjee and minorities. The state machinery and the police remained mute and let the violence happen under their watch. The police remained still and did nothing to control the mob which destroyed the hundreds of houses and attacked people. The riots continued for 3 days but the government refused to bring in extra forces to control the violence.

Ever since Mamta Banerjee came to power, riots, violence and attack on Hindus have become very common. The state is facing massive Islamic radicalisation and extremist activities have grown many times. Radicals are fearlessly issuing Fatwa, ban on Hindu rituals, attacking temples, destroying idols. Teachers are being beaten in schools for asking students sing National Anthem.

Most shockingly, these radicals are training people in making crude bombs which are used fearlessly during riots. It can be well remembered that how TMC office itself was being used to make crude bombs in the state. There were more than 3-4 incidents of explosions reported in the TMC office during bomb making which resulted in death of many people.

Young children are being radicalized and are being mis-lead into dangerous activities of Jihad. Dangerously the infiltrations from Bangladesh had increased many times and the Muslim population has gone up. These illegal infiltrators are getting fake voter Ids, ration cards and even AADHAR cards. A report from the Intelligence Bureau had suggested these people from Bangladesh were mainly involved in smuggling, terrorists activists, fake money racket and human trafficking. The radicals are now slowly marking their presence in the school text books by replacing the ancient Bengali words into Urdu. The recent example as to how Lord ‘RAM’ name was replaced by ‘RONG’ was a typical example. These incidents are something which is posing severe threat not just to W Bengal but to the entire country.

The situation in W Bengal has turned out to be similar to Kashmir, BJP leaders are being attacked and killed on daily basis. The offices of other parties are being set on fire. Women are also not being spared. Stone are hurled at MPs and MLAs of BJP, they are not allowed to enter many places.

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The constant attack on Hindus, BJP leaders have built a perception in the state that Hindus are no longer safe under Mamata Banerjee. People now believe that any day she will convert the state into an Islamic territory and it may become impossible for Hindus to survive in Bengal. People of the Hindu community feel that Mamata’s vote bank appeasement has crossed all limits. These people are now rallying behind the BJP and RSS. The surge in the BJP vote share in recent elections and people attending BJP rallies in large number is an example.

The RSS has opened shakas in 75 of 99 gram panchayats, they are actively involving local people and holding meeting on a regular basis to spread the message of support and love for country. Separate units for women, minority have also been opened. One can surely say that RSS and BJP are steadily making inroads into W Bengal!



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