MUST READ! Why is There No Communal Violence in Uttar Pradesh During Election Season this Time???

Uttar Pradesh which is called the riot capital of India, for the first time has never seen any communal riots before elections this time. Uttar Pradesh  which is known for its unending riots, communal clashes and violence in the name of religion and caste has not seen any clashes since November 8th.

Especially during the time of elections, the biggest card political party’s play is the communal violence to polarize the votes in their favour. The Dadri incident which happened just before the Bihar elections became one of the most talked point in the Nation and also a poll issue for the so called secular parties in the country. The media which was hell bent to malign the Modi government used the opportunity to create FAKE panic in the country and highlighted the issue globally. The pseudo secular brigade introduced a new word INTOLERANCE and maligned India on international platform.

The political party’s biggest tool is the communal riots, they use it ‘as and when’ required to fool the voters. But this time not one incident has been reported from poll bound Uttar Pradesh. The main reason for this is demonetization which has turned the crores of stacked money into waste paper. Uttar Pradesh recorded over 72 communal violence in the year 2015, during which 11 people were killed and over 218 people were injured. The Home Ministry reported that during the 2014 general elections, Uttar Pradesh saw over 644 incidents of communal violence in which 95 people had lost their life and around 1,921 people were injured. Even during 2013, Uttar Pradesh saw 823 incidents of communal violence in which 133 people were killed and 2,269 were injured. This is maximum number of incidents compare to any other state.

The percentage of communal riots usually doubles during election time in Uttar Pradesh. The most prone area of communal incidents is the Muzaffarnagar. However after demonetization, there are no reports of clashes in any areas.

The internal reports reveal that political parties are the main culprits for all violence who provoke people using religious and casts issues. During elections, religious leaders are told to make communal statements that can provoke people of one religion against the other. One such example was the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013, which erupted when a girl from a Hindu Jat community was teased and harassed by some Muslim boys in Kawal village. The brother of the girl is alleged to have killed the Muslim guy who eve teased his sister. It took a communal turn when the Muslim mob attacked the brother of the girl and killed few people in the community.

According to local people, the police did not arrest the Muslim mob who killed Hindus but only arrested the brother of the girl. The locals were also thrashed when they questioned why police never arrested the Muslim boys who attacked many people. Few police officers who refused to reveal their names had told off record that they were instructed by higher authorities not to take any action against Muslims.

Few days later the entire incident was picked up by Samajwadi party calling it atrocities against minorities and twisted the entire incident. But many people believe that huge amount of money was given to mobs to attacks Jat community people and turn the incident into communal clash.

One thing which plays crucial role in all violence and riots is the MONEY! With money, the political parties instigate people to create clashes and use it for their political benefit. The typical example is the violence in Jammu Kashmir. All these years the separatist used their looted black money to instigate violence in the valley. The jobless youths were paid Rs 500 for throwing stones at the police and the army. Illegal weapons, bombs were being purchased from across the border to create clashes among civilians and army. But now it’s been 2 months, and not one violence has been reported!

It’s no joke to control the separatists who have taken control over Kashmir since decades. Any use of army or police, the entire media and so called human rights activists will term it atrocity and attack on freedom of speech.

So demonetization has not just curbed the black money issue, but it has destroyed the numerous problems associated with black money like naxals, Maoists, terrorists, communal violence, human trafficking, which could have been 100 times more difficult to be controlled by police and army.

We may crib about standing in queues, not having enough cash for the weekend, but in reality it has done something good to the society and to those people who have been victims of naxal attacks, communal clashes and human trafficking. It is important atleast for once we consider the country’s well being also apart from our comforts!!!

Aishwarya S