Must Read! An open letter to “Padmavati” director Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali!

Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali,

Thanks to all you Bollytards, India is being aware of all the horrendous tales of Villains of India, one by one!  Saif Ali Khan, being a History lover himself, made all Indians aware of the forgotten villain of 14th Century, Taimur by naming his son after him. Now you made us Google search ‘Allauddin Khilji’. Our Academia has chosen not to imbibe the cruelty of Moghal invaders on young minds and tarnish Islamists. Thanks for freshening up our memory!

To neutralize the dissent of Indians on Social Media, you have assured us Indians that you are not deviating from the Historical facts related to either Khilji or Queen Padmini.  Now, really, Mr Bhansali? Are you portraying handsome and Romantic Actor Ranveer Singh butchering small Hindu children in front of their mothers?  Are we going to see the hunky actor having sex with the children and men in your movie? And pray tell me, who is going to play the role of his Main Love Interest, Malik Kafur?

I’m really curious to know how you are shaping the character of Malik Kafur. He should have been the ‘Hero’ of the movie. A young Hindu child abducted by Khilji after killing his family…forcibly converted into Islam….the trauma of Child sexual abuse by Khilji for years….. and when the boy grows up into a young man, he kills Khilji finding one opportune moment! I say, typical Revenge based Bollywood movie it will make! And it will be strictly sticking to the facts too!

I’m worried about you, Mr Bhansali. A few slaps by Hindu Activists seems to have scared you. I don’t need to tell you about Islamist dissent, do I? Are you sure, you are sticking to Historical facts while depicting Khijli ? Do you dare to film the scenes of Khilji massacring 30000 Muslims, forget lakhs of Hindus? And wouldn’t Censor Board have an objection to the scenes where Khijli and his Generals spit in the open mouths of Hindus?  I say, what a heinous subject you have chosen!

Talking about Islamist dissent, no Bollytard shrieked ‘Freedom of Speech’ when Fatwa was issued by Raza Academy against A R Rahman for composing music for the movie based on Prophet Mohammad’s life story, remember? A few days back, a 16 year old child artist of movie Dangal , Zaira Wasim was attacked on Social Media for seemingly siding with the Mainstream by meeting the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and discussing about female education. Petrified by the gruesome attacks on SM by Separatist Sympathizers, the child apologized for her positive act. This was the time you should have come forward in support of the minor girl from your Film Fraternity. Defying Separatists bad for Bollywood? Your Boss Dawood doesn’t approve?

Now coming to Rani Padmavati . I congratulate you on your choice of Deepika Padukon , a stunning actress .Well chosen for portraying the character of the beautiful and respectable queen. Now, what was your intention of placing real life lovers in the roles of a heroine and a villain? As you are insisting on sticking to the facts, these two characters shouldn’t breathe in the same space in any part of your movie. If you are going to capitulate on the hot chemistry between Deepika and Ranveer by introducing a dream sequence, it’s going to be a stupendous folly.Khilji never saw Rani Padmavati with his own eyes….ever!

History remembers Rani Padmavati for her courageous act of jauhaar along with other 16000 Rajput women! The brave Rajputana Ladies preferred death to the lifelong slavery and prostitution of disgusting Moghals ! In fact, the tradition of ‘Sati’ came into practice with Moghal invasions and ended with the decline of Moghal Rule! Mr Bhansali, you should educate the society by clearing this myth of Sati as a barbaric Hindu custom!

Rani Padmini is praised through the patriotic song that touches the hearts of all Indians,

“Yahan Pratap Ka Vatan Pala Hai, Aazadi ke Naaron Pe

Kood padi thi yahan hazaroon Padminiyan angaron pe

Bol rahi hai kan kan se kurbani Rajasthan ki”

(This land of Maharana Pratap has been nursed on the slogans of Independence;

The land where thousands of Padminis had jumped in burning pyres

The land of Rajasthan where every stone speaks of its sacrifice)

Now, Mr Bhansali, we digested the shock of Paro dancing with Chandramukhi . They were fictional characters after all! But it was an irrecoverable jolt for a Maharashtrian like me to see Kashibai dancing with Mastani! And your artistic talent of capturing the erotic chemistry between Deepika and Ranveer has prevented me from watching Ram-Leela  as we are family audience with children. Your previous work doesn’t fill me with confidence that you will not deviate from historical facts this one time, Mr Bhansali! After all, bollywood is about minting money!

Well, all the best with your Movie, Mr Bhansali! You have set an example of respecting women by putting your mother’s name ‘Leela’ as your middle name. Hope you respect Rani Padmavati’s  great strength of character  too! If you dare glorify the crooked Islamist ruler Khilji or dishonor the dignity of Rani Padmavati in your movie, well, we Indians are pretty much Intolerant! We boycott such movies! A friendly warning!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi**