A Must Read! An open letter to Ravish Kumar (NDTV) from a budding journalist!

Respected Ravish Kumarji,

Your outstanding accomplishment in the field of Journalism is an enormous Institution in itself for the budding journalist like me! Yeah, I’m a chota-mota journo who is still learning the nuances of journalism by following the distinguished journalists like you. Oh I forgot to introduce myself! First thing about me- I’m a Hindu Brahmin. See, ain’t I smart? I answered the first question that rose in your mind- “Kaun jaat ho?”  The second thing about me- I’m a Right Wing Journo. Yeah, I said it!

I love the way you describe us, RW journos, Ravishji! Attention of a prominent journalist like you is very flattering! You called us a fake News Portal. Your observation about the RW Mainstream and Social Media- “आजकल कई पत्रकारों को विपक्ष के किसी नेता के ख़िलाफ़ कोई स्टोरी दे दीजिए, फिर देखिए उनके चेहरे पर कैसी आध्यात्मिक खुशी छा जाती है. आप इन्हीं पत्रकारों को केंद्र के ख़िलाफ़ या सत्ताधारियों के ख़िलाफ़ कोई स्टोरी दे दीजिए, फिर उनकी चुप्पी देखिए”. Haunting memories of the past and lost glory, Ravishji? Aren’t you actually defining the 10 years of Media Management under UPA Government? Yes, and you confirm that ‘Déjà vu’ feeling in your next words- “इन पत्रकारों के पास सबसे बड़ा तर्क यह है कि पहले भी तो होता था.”  You see, I know you like a back of my hand, Ravishji. I’m not your fan for nothing!

Ravishji, I have to learn from you how to keep the expression of ‘Holier than thou’ while passing such judgments on the competitors. Nobody can equate with you and your ‘Prestigious’ channel NDTV for  ‘सरकार परस्ती’ or being a mouth-piece of the Congress Party, in rule or in opposition….like they say..In sickness in health, for better for worse! Your faithfulness towards Congress and its off-spring, Aam Aadmi Party is heart-warming! I wish I could follow your footsteps and be loyally bound in my journalistic views towards BJP and PM Modi!

No Sir, we don’t get any perks from BJP. No, not at all Sir… Radia tapes… No huge bank loan sanctions through Finance Minister….No VIP Travel with Ministers….No first hand information from the Government….No Chai-samosa Sir.

The fact is Ravishji, we are the ‘mouthpieces’ of PM Modi without any benefits. You know, I was in awe of Atalji and later the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi for his fantastic Gujarat Model. Now, please don’t scold me for disbelieving your channel. It so happened that I got the ground report quite contrary to your coverage since 2002 against Mr Modi. So, the crust of the matter is that I am a RW journo for the love of PM Modi’s governance.

Oh, excuse my bad manners, Sir! I forgot to enquire about your family. Let me show the common etiquettes. Is it true that your brother Congressman Brajesh Pandey has resigned from his post after the case of sex trafficking against him? Last time I heard this news, your brother was absconding. Has he surrendered, Sir? And how is your sweet sister Neeta Pandey? A busy career woman like her must be having a free time on hand now. I heard that she was suspended under corruption charges in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. When I heard that a huge political pressure was used to suppress the investigation against your siblings, I felt really proud of you! What a protective brother you are, Ravishji!

It is gratifying to see that you and your channel NDTV don’t believe in changing colors. Your hate for PM Modi is as consistent as your love for Congress, JDU, AAP, SP, CPM, Hurriyat, JNU and last and not the least, Pakistan! Even after the failed agenda against PM Modi since 2002, your channel hasn’t given up! All the other channels have embraced nationalism for the sake of TRP. But I must say you and your channel NDTV has stuck to its unethical roots at the cost of TRP! Take my bow, sir!

Dear Ravishji, don’t take to heart the recent CBI raids on your NDTV Co-founder Prannoy Roy’s residence. It was waiting for too long to happen. As far as I remember, CBI had booked their first FIR on Roy in 1998 for conspiring to drain the public money worth Rs 5 Cr. Series of corruption cases were added to it in the next two years. In two decades of prolonged investigation, your boss Roy has comfortably grown older.  Isn’t it asking too much to treat Roy as above law, Sir? Get over it, for the sake of your fans, Sir!

But I must say, your answer to the CBI Raid issue was superb!

“तो आप डराइये, धमकाइये, आयकर विभाग से लेकर सबको लगा दीजिये। ये लीजिये हम डर से थर थर काँप रहे हैं। सोशल मीडिया और चंपुओं को लगाकर बदनामी चालू कर दीजिये लेकिन इसी वक्त में जब सब ‘गोदी मीडिया’ बने हुए हैं , एक ऐसा भी है जो गोद में नहीं खेल रहा है। आपकी यही कामयाबी होगी कि लोग गीत गाया करेंगे- गोदी में खेलती हैं इंडिया की हज़ारों मीडिया। एन डी टी वी इतनी आसानी से नहीं बना है, ये वो भी जानते हैं। मिटाने की इतनी ही खुशी हैं तो हुजूर किसी दिन कुर्सी पर आमने सामने हो जाइयेगा। हम होंगे, आप होंगे और कैमरा लाइव होगा!”

How intelligently you diverted the attention from the frauds and corruptions of Prannoy Roy and NDTV! The way you held Modi Government accountable for this two decades old CBI Enquiry was just mind blowing! You played a victim card to shift the blame of Media management on Modi Government.  And your fearless challenge to the Modi Government to face you and the camera made me beam with pride! What courageous journalism, sir!

I had felt bad when these RW fanatics had targeted you for the crimes of your siblings. Hey, Ravishji, why don’t you invite your brother and sister to face you and your camera on your ‘nationalistic’ channel, NDTV?  Yes, Sir, you should! It will shut the ranting RW mouths and show the world how neutral and unbiased journalist you are! And I too will get a chance to boast about you in front of my RW friends!

With the hope that you will notice this insignificant fan of yours and bless me with your guidance, I put a stop to my letter.

Yours faithfully

A budding journalist

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi