Must Read! A painful cry of a couple: “Ignored by Kejriwal Govt, and Finally helped out by Modi Govt”

It’s always a pleasant surprise to read the positive experiences of common people shared on Social Media when the elected Government Bodies ‘actually’ respond to their queries/ grievances. Our mindset is tuned to thinking that one needs to apply bribery and an influence from the big shots to get the help of Government Officials and patiently wait for years thereafter.

Recently, the experiences shared by a Delhi based couple created a wave on Social Media. The wife in question was terminated from service by her employer during her pregnancy. The Couple was asking help from the Delhi Government, Aam Aadmi Party for registering a formal complaint against her employer as she was denied her maternity benefits and she had to undergo a constant pressure from her employer to resign before the termination. As it turned out, it was NDA Government that actually came to the rescue of the couple.

Since Modi Government came to power, Social Media has emerged as the most preferred platform to place our complaints, requests or queries to the concerned Departments. This is because the Modi Government Ministries are very active on Social Media and respond to such posts promptly. From arranging a Doctor to supplying diapers to the passengers, Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu comes to the rescue of all and sundry. Sushma Swaraj’s prompt services to the Indian citizens in distress ranging from Visa troubles to Foreign Embassy related issues have convinced Indians that External Affairs Ministry is just a tweet away!

Let’s read the case of a Delhi based Couple in their own words:

“(This is my personal experience of interacting with below mentioned two officials; one is head of a ministry with NDA Govt, and another one is heading DCW, she was handpicked by CM of AAP, Mr Arvind Kejriwal).”

Background: My wife was terminated by her employer while she was pregnant. All I wanted to register a formal complaint against her employer as she was denied her maternity benefits and she was constantly pressurized to resign before her termination.

Being a Delhi resident I decided to approach Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) and its Chairperson “Swati Maliwal”. I dialed several telephone numbers mentioned on DCW website (011# 23378044/ 23378317/ 23370597), however even after trying for two days, no-one picked those phone.

Nevertheless, I sent a message on Facebook page of DCW on 24-August asking them for help, however I received NO REPLY.

Feeling discouraged, I decided to approach DCW Chairperson “Swati Maliwal” directly on her twitter account as she is quite active on twitter, and dropped her a tweet on 26-Aug, but again I received NO REPLY in spite of one reminder as well.

After being disappointed on facebook and twitter, I wrote a formal complaint against my wife’s employer and sent that complaint to DCW on their E-mail (mentioned in the screenshot below) . However to my utter surprise, I received NO REPLY on mails as well despite several reminders.

After being disappointed by not getting any reply from DCW I was sure that government departments and leaders don’t work at all, and they are good for nothing. However my wife convinced me to try one more time and to write directly to PM Modi, however I decided to write to Maneka Gandhi instead (her being Minister of Women and Child in NDA Govt).

I dropped a tweet to Maneka Gandhi on 5th -September asking her for help; To my biggest surprise I received a reply to my tweet the very next day from Maneka Gandhi herself. My complaint was immediately forwarded to National Commission for Women.

A notice was sent to my wife’s employer to appear for hearing in front of commission, and our complaint was patiently heard. This incident convinced us that this NDA Govt is here to work, and we decided to vote only for Modi govt in each election.


Some folks wanted to know the final outcome of the case, so here it goes. We decided to settle the matter by accepting 12 weeks of salary as maternity benefits (as per Maternity benefit act) and a relieving letter (earlier she was provided a termination letter). More than that her employer wasn’t ready to offer out-of-court. It was supposed to be the best time of our lives, we didn’t want to waste it by roaming around NCW/ labour commissioner offices. Moreover, I had my own professional commitments to take care of. No other penalty/punishment was given to her employer.”

Well, all’s well that ends well! The case is an eye opener for all those Delhites who succumbed to the lures of Freebies while electing a Government! As it turned out,  the Kejriwal Government is blind, dumb and deaf to the appeals of Delhites!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi