Must Read! PM Narendra Modi haters Hypocrisy exposed!

Ramachandra Bhat K

An terrorist is projected as a leader, he surfaces on the calendar of a reputable firm, the same terrorist is given a martyrs funeral march, nobody rises an eye brow. But an elected representative of the citizens of India, Prime Minister of a nation, a leader whom the world admires, a leader who has a vision for the nation, a leader who has given his everything for the development of the country appears on the cover of calendar and diary of a statutory body which is formed by the Government of India and the opposition goes berserk. Yes, this is sad state which we Indians have to witness. A terrorist of the state is celebrated as a leader and an elected leader is depicted as someone very dangerous for the country.

The so called intellectuals from early 2000’s and especially from 2014 have not let go even a single chance to criticize Modi and their biggest strength of support has been none other than Congress party. The party which was in the opposition benches(still are) when Modi was CM and now when Modi has become PM has went crazy and they cannot just accept the fact that a person like Modi who has no family background has risen to this level. This itself is making the party go berserk against Modi which believes the power to run the nation should be vested with a family.

KVIC  – The Khadi and Village Industries commission is a statutory body formed by the Government of India, under the act of Parliament, “Khadi and Village Industries Commission act of 1956” to empower and bring a manifold rise in the use of materials of Khadi industry. Since 1956 KVIC is releasing yearly calendar and diary with Mahatma Gandhi being its Brand Embassador. But this year they have used the picture of PM Narendra Modi using the charkha on the cover page. The insider who is close to decision making body says it was done so because after Narendra Modi was elected as the PM of India and also after Modi called out to Indians to buy at least one clothing of their daily use made of khadi the industry as a whole has witnessed a huge rise in their sales. So it was only natural that they depict Narendra Modi as their brand embassador for the year with a view to increase the sales further up. However this has irked several so called intellectuals and also the principal opposition party Congress who have decided that they will go after Modi for anything and everything.

Just to let you know, KVIC had not even consulted Prime Minister’s Office for using PM Modi’s picture on the cover page. Officials from the PMO have said that PM Narendra Modi’s photograph was used in KVIC calendar and dairy without permission of PMO.

Take a look at the reactions of the intellectuals and Congress Party.

These intellectuals who have all the time in the world to criticize Modi even on his sneeze have surprisingly went silent as they are deaf and dumb. These people who call themselves as opposition leaders have not spoken even a word against making terrorists like Burhan Wani as their cover picture of calendar. What’s more, this calendar is brought out by the same company which has an agreement with the Jammu and Kashmir government. The calendar is brought out by a company named ‘Mohammed Zamal Constructions’ who are suppliers to Jammu and Kashmir government since Farooq Abdullah’s era.

Take a look at the picture:

This is the sad state of our country and the hypocrisy of our intellectuals and opposition leaders. The situation is so because we citizens as a whole have never united ourselves against these political leaders who see their bread and butter in appeasement politics. Time has come now for us to stand against these people who do not raise voice against anti-social activities just because the projected terrorists belong to a minority community.


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