Must Read!!! Post Card Reader Rati Hegde explains why Post Card was required at first place?

Yesterday Mr. Mahesh Vikram Hegde, founder of Postcard.news was arrested by the Karnataka Government. Before we mull on this action of the Congress Government led by Mr. Siddharamaiah, one must understand why and how Right Wing portals came into existence and why they are hated so much by the Congress and almost all Opposition parties in Bharat.

Today Main Stream Media is known more for what it conceals than for what it shows or reports. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Independent Bharat always had a Media which chose to report only what it felt should be read by the masses. They set Narratives which were not always in the National interest. That is why safe for a handful of newspapers which were run by some brave Nationalists, most of the newspapers did not even speak against the imposition of Emergency.

The Leftist press never even spoke about the betrayal of RAW agents by the ex-PM Shri Morarji Desai. They chose to highlight only partially the Godhra incident, which only showcased the Hindus (and of course, Shri Narendra Modi) as the culprits. Deaths due to gang wars and lack of law and order in SP-led Uttar Pradesh got lesser traction than deaths due to standing in line to withdraw cash during Demonetization. In short, there was a deep lacuna in the factual reporting on any news in National interest or in any news which did not reflect on the truth about the religious identity of the culprits involved.

Moreover, headlines in most mainstream newspapers, especially the English ones, were deliberately presented in a way to show that it was almost always that Hindus were involved in crimes – an example of this would be how when a fake Muslim Baba is involved, the headline would read that some ‘Swamy’ is involved. Also, any news regarding any Hindu festivals, temples, ShreeMathas, Peethadeeshwaras, culture, traditions, etc. were either non-existent or were relegated to small columns inside.

A prime example of this would be the news representation of the death of Sridevi and the Periyava of Kanchi Matha, Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati, in the Times of India, Mumbai edition. No prizes for guessing who got a special mention & who was restricted to a minute column.

It was to counter such narratives and to make the Hindus aware of the ‘Eco-system’ of the Congress involving the ‘Lutyens Club’ journalists, that the Right Wing portals made an entry. They were mostly driven by Nationalists, not journalists. They used simple language while reporting, even making mistakes in Grammar, simply because most of the contributors were not ‘professional’ journalists, but those who loved their country, their culture & desperately wanted a change in the political leadership of the country.

What MSM did not anticipate was how popular these websites would become. The MSMs were taken aback when these small portals became so popular in their reporting, that views on these portals crossed lakhs per article. These RW portals reported every incident which was misrepresented by the MSMs either on print or T.V. When Barkha Dutt spewed anti-nationalistic statements trying to portray Kashmiris as victims (terrorist son of a poor teacher), Postcard.news came out with many popular articles on her. Same was the case with Rajdeep Sardesai, his wife Sagarika and many more. Obviously, these RW portals were soon hated and on the hit-list of all these ‘famous’ journalists.

There is a rule in the animal kingdom that scavengers like hyenas & vultures hunt together, in packs.

Soon, RW portals were targeted as being pro-Modi and as being paid agents of BJP. The accusations were ugly and brutal. The fact is that most of the RW portals struggle to make ends meet & that is why most of them ask for donations and most of them either don’t pay those who make submissions or pay them just an honorarium. In fact, the leftist & pro-Congress journalists were so vicious in their attacks that many RW portals and contributors just vanished from the scene. Not just that, their eco-system is so strong that they are able to have accounts of RWingers suspended from Facebook and Twitter in a flash.

Coming to the arrest of Mahesh Hegde, I would like to question Mr. Siddharamaiah that if fake news was the worry, then why was Congress karyakarta Prabha Belavangala not arrested when she put up false photos showing Yogi Adityanath ji in bad light?


The answer is obvious – Congress only wants to crush their opponents using flimsy reasons.

I would like to share some of the excellent blogs put up by Postcard.news which regular Mainstream Media houses who do not like to showcase or promote –

Our Legends :




Our Culture :



Our Pride :



Our History :


Reporting :




Others :


Such blogs are rarely showcased or supported by the big media houses and the common man wants to read about all these also. Postcard.news, Satyavijayi.com, Hindupost.in, Indusscrolls.com, etc. are some of the RW media portals which have made Hindus feel proud of their culture & religion. They have also reported news which have gone unreported or which have been misreported against Hindus by the big media houses.

For this reason alone, they have been targeted by those journalists who earlier had been placed on a pedestal by the Congress. In fact, there is an attempt by some of these journalists and their cronies to undermine these RW media portals, by holding them in contempt by the newly formed LW portals online. These new online LW portals make fun of the way of reporting and the ‘bad’ grammar/English in the reports by the RW portals. They also accuse the RW portals of peddling fake news; but when it comes to reports of a soldier committing suicide because of a fake report by one of their own, they all clam up & attack together.

Those who cry ‘Freedom of Expression’ at the drop of a hat when people protest against ‘Bharat ke tukde’ gangs, are today all silent on the rights of Mahesh Vikram Hegde. They are also silent on the involvement of Congress on issues like CA (interview to absolve blame of Congress by Barkha Dutt for example), revelations of ‘breaking up India’ forces, Love Jihad and more. Shame! It is up to the citizens of this country, citizens of Karnataka, to teach Mr. Siddharamaiah the meaning of Unity. Jai Hind!

Rati Hegde