MUST READ! What is Project Thessalonica ? How is it destroying Indian culture and tradition ?

Rita Gupta

Last few days have seen protests in Chennai and other parts of India and outrage on social media on Jallikattu. The focus is on establishing that Hindu traditions, customs and festivals are regressive. Each ancient tradition and festival from entry of women in certain temples, Dahi-Handi festival, crackers on Diwali, use of water on Holi, Ganesh Utsav, Kali Puja, kite flying on Makar Sakranti to Jallikattu, all are under attack. All methods– legal, political and social are being tried to achieve that. Who are these forces? What is their aim? Who is behind them? These are some of the questions each and every Hindu must find answers to.

While I was trying to find out the answers myself, I came across some very shocking information. Such a big conspiracy is in the offing and Hindus are totally oblivious to the lurking danger. They are unaware of the consequences if the forces conspiring against them are successful. Let’s do some background check.

In 380 AD, Roman Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity, the official state religion of the Roman Empire and all those not believing in that were punishable.

“Under the emperor’s direction, fanatical Christians closed and later tore down ancient wonders of the world, most notably the Temple of Zeus built in Olympia and the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria…Theodosius’s successor, Theodosius II, ordered his Roman army in 426 to demolish the impressive stadium of Olympia, which could accommodate more than 40,000 spectators at its peak”

Extreme measures were taken to destroy the traditions associated with ancient Greek religion. So much so that orders were given to close all temples.

“And so, on February 24, 391, the emperor began issuing a series of decrees that effectively outlawed Greco-Roman paganism and all the rituals that accompanied it. First, he prohibited pagan sacrifice, including—for the first time—the state ceremonies still practiced in Rome. Then came the closing of all shrines and temples.”

Slowly the right to follow religion privately was also snatched and all religious activities became illegal.

“Next came a law forbidding apostasy from Christianity to paganism, and finally, on November 8, 392, Theodosius declared all sacrifice and divination punishable by death. That meant destroying private altars, domestic idols placed in hearth and kitchen, hanging garlands, etc.”

Same is happening in India as missionary mafia is working overtime to carry on with its conversion activities. Earlier they were working under Joshua Project II which set the scope of conversion. Missionaries targeted mostly tribals for conversions. But church strategists were not satisfied as the newly converted tribals still carried on with their age old customs and traditions. They continued with their festivals. To deal with this problem Project Thessalonica was started in 2004.

Thessalonica was the capital of Macedonia, a rich and important city. St Paul sent his messengers to Thessalonica to propagate Christianity. The natives didn’t respond well. Later in 390 AD, Theodosius, the Christian ruler curbed the revolt of the residents by massacring 7000 people. Eventually the whole city converted to Christianity. There are many similarities between people of Thessalonica and India. Both extremely tolerant of other faiths and religions and governments indifferent to conversion activities made them a safe haven for missionaries.

Project Thessalonica aims to convert Hindus and create circumstances to  destroy  their customs, traditions and festivals. All the activities are controlled by foreign based Christian organizations. Cities and places of Hindu religious activities are selected and targeted for conversions. People associated with Hindu religious activities are given incentives to learn other profession so as to keep the away from their religion. Missionary mafia involves environmental groups, NGOs and other social outfits to gain authenticity and public support. Having achieved that, comes the turn of handling judiciary and political leadership. Project Thessalonica is a full proof plan to sabotage Hindu customs and traditions. Banning of Jallikattu is only a small achievement in the larger plan.

Hindus take pride in their ancient culture and its scientific roots. Once that is destroyed, Hindus will become vulnerable and insecure and that will be the victory of missionaries and success of Project Thessalonica.



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