MUST READ! What Really is Sati….Did Hindu Scriptures Really Support “Sati” System???

Yoga and Vedic Mathematics don’t belong to Hinduism because they are Universal. Islamist Terrorism doesn’t relate to Islam because Terrorism has no religion. But the Non-existent Saffron Terrorism is Hindu. We are broadminded to credit Hinduism with all the bad things. We are Pseudo-Liberals. We work through Politicians. We work through Media. We work through Missionaries. We work through Socialists and Communists. We work through Academia. We work through NGOs. We have spread our Network throughout India   After the centuries of hard work and dedication, we can proudly say  that we have accomplished the Mission of killing hindutva  (Pride of Hinduism) in almost every Hindu. We have created the generations of Apologetic Hindus. God bless us!

Let’s enlighten on our Missionaries’ role in our successful expedition. In 16th Century, Missionaries joined hands with ‘East India Company’ which was thriving in India financially as well as politically. Unlike Hinduism, Christian Missionaries believe in increasing their demography by Conversions. The Mass poverty in India due to prolonged Mughal Rule followed by British Rule was handy for Missionaries. Poor and deprived are the soft targets. The Mughals were unsuccessful in killing the Pride of Hinduism inside the hearts of Hindus in spite of forcing conversions by torture .But Modus Operandi of Missionaries was Smart!

Mughals had set the stage for Missionaries to take over. Genocide of Hindus by Mughals was followed by raping and enslaving their women and using their wombs for increasing Islamic population. Hindu women preferred death to such traumatic  fate. These were the times that gave birth to ‘Sati’ custom in India. Brave Hindu women ended their lives by immolating themselves alive on the pyre of their husbands. When Muslim rulers invaded Chittorgarh in 1568, 8000 Hindu women committed Mass Sati to escape the traumas of rapes and slavery.

The word ‘Sati’ is derived originally from the ancient history of India. Lord Shankara’s wife ‘Sati’ (Parvati) had sacrificed her life by immolating herself in the sacred fire of Yagna performed by her father Raja Dakshaprajapati. The king had insulted his Son-in-law during the rituals of Yagna. Indignant and furious Sati, who loved her husband with extreme devotion ended her life by jumping into the flames of Yagna . Well, this incident from ancient India is totally different from Sati custom that prevailed in India a few centuries back. During Mahabharata times, Queen Madri had immolated herself on her Husband Pandu’s pyre. Apart from this exceptional case, there is nothing in Hindu Scriptures to support the ‘Sati’ system. In eternal Rigveda, there is no mention of Sati custom. In fact Vedas have stipulated the way of life for widowed women.

Hinduism is the only religion in the universe which gives equal rights to women. In fact more so. Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga,  Goddess Saraswati and so on for their unmatchable power and position. ‘Sati’ Savitri was a brave lady who chased the messengers of death (Yamdoot) who carried her dead husband’s body and forced the God of Death, Yama to resurrect life into her husband’s body.

Mughal era saw its end with the rise of British Power. ‘Sati’ method lost its reverence in the changed times. But habits and customs don’t change overnight. Some Hindu sections had got habituated to this irrelevant custom.  But  Britishers legalized the outdated Sati system in 1813. It was Raja Ram Mohan Roy and few decent Britishers who got it outlawed in 1829.But Missionaries kept naming ‘Sati ‘as a barbaric custom of Hinduism from time immemorial. They pressed on Hindus that Sati was a blemish on Hinduism. The reason of Sati Practice was situational and not Hinduism. With changed times, sati cases had diminished in India. As per official records of Britishers, in 1824, out of 250000 widows, only 600 underwent Sati.  But Sati sytem is blown out of proportion by Missionaries to defame Hinduism. Hindus were slowly brainwashed to feel embarrassed about the vices of Hinduism.

The mission of Mass Murder of Hindutva has prominent players in Media. In the present times when our Muslim women are suffering the brunt of barbaric Islamic Sharia Laws, able Journalists like Barkha Dutt harp on the extinct practice of Sati and Child marriage to degrade Hinduism.

The Academia has been extremely helpful in twisting the historical facts. School Syllabus is in the safe hands of corrupt NGO Teesta Setalvad and her likes. They delete the chapters about the tortures by Muslim Rulers and the gross violations of Human rights in their era. The mentions of thousands of demolitions of temples by Muslim kings are getting extinct in text books. Likewise, the glory of Hindu kings is unheard of in the syllabus. But Sati system gets enough space in the textbooks to imbibe shame in Hindu children.

A good team work! We, the pseudo-liberals have entered in all the branches of Society. We have gradually polluted the roots of society with our propaganda. Hindus are on a decline. From 84% in 1951 to 69% in 2016. Almost all the Hindus are ignorant of their great History and Scriptures. We have caught them young to mould Anti-Hindutva state of mind in them. They hate the cruel practice of Sati. They don’t explore the truth behind it. We have made them apologetic Hindus. God bless us!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi