Must Read : What was the sinister objective of Congress behind cow slaughter in Kerala?

“What happened in Kerala is thoughtless, barbaric and unacceptable to me” This is content of one tweet – yes only one tweet from Congress Vice president Rahul gandhi

But Why ? What happened in Kerala and by whom ? 

This tweet was in response to the action taken by Youth Congress Of Kerala in a well planned manner. National Congress Party orchestrated a live cow slaughtering to oppose Narendra Modi Government decision which says – “Nobody has rights to sale Cattle for Slaughtering” . This was not a new law, It’s just a Old Law which is Article 48 which grants right to Center to notify this Law to states in order to protect cattles which include Cow, Buffalo and Camels. 

Indian National Congress not only showed the barbarism publicly but move one step further and celebrate a Beef Festival. Yes Congress party celebrated beef festival all across Kerala. 

I through this article want to do post-mortem of the objective, I will also bust the hypocrisy and while doing so at the end will suggest clear solution. 

There are two arguments behind this horrific and barbaric incident 

  1. Beef Export generate employment and earn foreign exchange 
  2. No constitution can compel Malayalis to change food habit.

Both reasons are bogus and it is just there to protect the major reason which I will expose after busting this hypocrisy. 

National beef export including all states is 4 billion USD and Bangalore alone export softwares of 44 billion USD which simply explains that when you have brain then you can earn 44 billion without doing this barbarism. This slaughtering of cows and buffaloes and preparing them into exportable beef on one hand create a wastage of millions of gallons of water and on the other hand killed the hope of Farmers. 

This world is for all and not only for Humans and disturbing any organism is actually disturbing everything, complete Eco System gets disturbed. 

The next reason is food habit which is just shameful. Kerala never had this barbaric food habit. The land of 100% literacy and the land which claims to be God Own Country is claiming that slaughtering cow is Gods work ? It’s shamelessness. There is nothing called employment in killing cattle. Can you tell me What is the guarantee that 5 year down the line you will not  wish for Human slaughter and claim that It is employment and food habit. 

Now Let me clear the air, Kerala don’t want this Slaughter, Kerala is the state which pray elephants and cows. This Barbaric Orchestrated slaughter is done under political game of shameless Congress which is practicing this hypocrisy since it’s birth. 

Congress which was founded by AO Hume and party which claims that they run on the ideals of Gandhi is shameless hypocrite and complete Hindu hater and civilization destroyer. 

This is the party which post Independence, bring the first law Hindu Civil Code to destroy the Hindu Family Structure. It restraints all other religion from it and applied this law on Hindus to restrict the demographic dominance of Hindus over Nation. 

After bringing Hindu civil code, this rogue party with a dolt leader brought a law to tax Hindu Religious Temples. It was also designed to stop Hindu Temples from spreading into Nation. making the temples cash Crunch, they target the complete End of Hindu Spread. 

After that they attacked our Civilization by attacking our beliefs and learning of Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas. They allowed Communist and Islamists to ruin our glorious history. They changed our life styles by attacking it systematically through books and school course Curriculum. They pull away Hindu new generations from Hindu ethos and practices which was based on science through this and lured them to get attracted towards West. 

After doing all three they didn’t stopped, they started a new war – War on our festivals. Don’t play Holi – It’s a wastage of Water. Don’t celebrate Deepawali – It’s air pollution. Don’t celebrate Dahi Handi – It’s dangerous. Don’t do Moorthi Pooja because it pollutes water as statues are made up of plaster of paris. This was taught to our young generations and through them they started diluting our beliefs over festivals. 

Now connect the dots – First population demographic, then religious institution, then your life style, practices and beliefs, then festivals. 

What we did in response ? we accepted it, we accepted everything. we accepted the word secularism which was never in our constitution when originally formed but brought by Indira Gandhi intentionally. We actually accepted everything and then instead of bringing Hinduism back, we moved to nationalism.

When you moved to Nationalism ? Then What they did ? They started attack on Indian Army. 

My point of argument is they don’t want your thought. No matter how good is it, they don’t want to accept that. But why and how they are doing these things systematically and getting success each and Every time despite 100 crore Hindus present in India. 

The bitter truth is Hindus of this Nation has become Impotent. The family became impotent because of systematic attack. All families of today’s India is busy in pizza, cold drinks, clubs, bar and dance. They are so trapped that they hardly have time to even listen to this Cry. 

Out of 100 crore, 30 crore have became like this. They don’t care a damn about your cry. They are now Hindus because of accident just what JL Nehru once said – I am Hindu by Accident and Muslim by practice. 

The rest 70 crore has been divided and fighting with each other since decades. Why ? It is because of same Congress who brought this Mandal Commission to divide Hindus in as many branch as possible. Today you can’t make 70 crore Hindus stand in Line. They don’t want to. they are divided on the basis of language, caste, richness and even by physical appearances. 

It simply leads us to one mathematical number that originally Hindus are only 30 crore which can stand at one place at one time with Unity. You might be 100 crore but they think that 30 crore is reality. The best proof of this is that BJP won 2014 Lok Sabha election by only getting 18 crore approx votes. Now can you imagine 18 crores out of 125 crore despite being tagged as communal Hindu Party. By this number my number of 30 crore is now looking exaggerated. 

Indian National Congress knows this, Pakistan knows this, Saudi Arabia knows this, Communist knows this, China knows this. Your every enemy knows this but We don’t know this. We are happy and sleeping. 

This is the principle philosophy on which dream of Gazwa E Hind is founded. This is why Congress is investing so much violence and barbarism on Live TV by slaughtering a Cow. No matter what you pledge that you will not vote for Congress. No matter What you explain this to others. Congress is not investing on Hindus, It is investing on Muslims. It’s as simple as anything. No National Political Party can risk so big despite knowing that 350 Lok Sabha seats lie in Cow Belt and by doing so they will be wiped out. Congress knows that In 2019 Lok Sabha Election they will not cross even 20 seats due to this. 

Leave aside Lok Sabha. They know that They are gone in Gujarat and Karnataka too. 

Why they did this ? They are playing a waiting game and waiting for their chance. 

When they will get a chance ? When Narendra Modi leave this place and vacuum gets created. 

Thus They are waiting for 2029. 

They know till 2029 Population of Muslims will be 30 – 40 crore. This is enough to win them election.

This is the only objective of this sick barbaric and shameless women Sonia Gandhi and her National advisors who are visiting house of separatist to keep their game alive in Kashmir. 

They know some things for real. First Hindus will never get united and they will always fight for petty reasons because Hindus are the most selfish and greedy creatures. 

They also know that Narendra Modi will follow constitution. 

Now I will talk about the Solution to defeat this sinister plan and Bring Back Our Civilization back.

I will start by the root cause which I mentioned initially when I explained you How They divide and attacked us. 

National Population Policy 

This is very urgent requirement and it has huge priority than Ram Temple. National Population Policy must restrict each and every Family to not having more than 2 child irrespective of their number of marriage. Within National Population Policy – Government of India must allow Family to adopt Orphans excluding  2 children based on Prosperity and The Capacity to adopt. 

Introduction of National Education Policy – Government must bring Strong National Education Policy making One Nation One Board. Course Content and Curriculum must be reframed. Bogus History written by slaves of Gandhi dynasty must be removed. Our Glorious History, Sacrifice of Our Freedom Fighters must be mentioned to get taught to Next Generations. Research and Employment based Curriculum should be framed and Local History of Each States should also be included. 

Making Our Religious Institution Free from Taxation

All Religious Institution must be Tax Free. One Central Board with a further division of Four Regional Boards must be constructed for managing Temples and They should have responsibility to spread Hinduism and its belief. They will have to take responsibility to maintain Our Scriptures like Ved, Puranas and Upanishads. They will have to take responsibility to translate it into various languages and spread among masses so that all Hindus should get easy access to learn. No State or Central Government can have power to rule the Temples. 

National celebration of all Festivals with great joy and pomp. There should be no compromise on this. 

Changing Reservation By Caste to Reservation by Economic Level. 

All these 5 things are possible by this Government. We just need to push this harder. Question is What we have to do ?

What we can do is – We can aware all 100 crore Hindus about these 5 points and make them understand and Unite. 

Unity is the key. Don’t get trapped by false battle of BHIM Army. It’s fake propaganda to divide you. Unite each and every Hindu. Look Narendra Modi is only for 10 years and this is the time to fulfil all these 5 demands. Work on this. 

Hope you understand my point and will work on it. Any compromise or Soft Attitude will invite Doomsday for Hindus and Democracy. 

Jai Hind !! 

Abhishek Kumar