Must Read : Smriti Irani responds to Rahul Gandhi’s SCAM tweet, shows him the mirror !

The season of elections cannot get more entertaining, with various parties coming up with their agenda and vision. It is also the time when politicians leave no stone unturned to attack their political opponents. During a rally in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi urged people not to vote for the parties which represent ‘SCAM’. He said the word SCAM means Samajwadi- Congress – Akhilesh – Mayawati. In reply, Akhilesh Yadav said that SCAM stands for Save Country from Amit (Shah) and Modi. These political attacks apart, the best was yet to come. And who other than Rahul Gandhi could have made India laugh again ? He was out with a hilarious tweet, and soon was trolled hilariously. This is what the ‘Shehzada’ tweeted :

Trying to take a moral high ground, Rahul Gandhi interpreted SCAM as :
Service of poor people,
Courage to speak the truth,
Ability to fulfil promises,
Modesty to accept one’s mistake.

It was ridiculous to say the least how a word as dirty as SCAM was interpreted as something virtuous by the Shehzada. Can a word like SCAM ever represent positive values ? If he has used the word SCAM to denote positive things, does it mean that somewhere deep within the mind, he considers SCAMs as justifiable ? Well, that’s what the above tweet will make us believe. A party which has kept poor people as poor since more than six decades, never fulfilled any promise, has always spoken lies and compromised with national interests has the audacity to talk about these. Responding to Rahul Gandhi, it was once again Smriti Irani who showed Rahul Gandhi the mirror.

The series of tweets by Smriti Irani in an answer to Rahul Gandhi’s tweets is something which Rahul Gandhi will remember for a long long time. The tweets by Smriti Irani reminded Congress of all the misdeeds of the past.

Hope Rahul Gandhi thinks twice before he tweets so that he does not make a mockery out of himself ! As of now, Smriti Irani – 1, Rahul Gandhi – 0 ! 😀

Kshitij Mohan


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