A must read! The untold story of Yogi as narrated by Bashir!

Ever since Yogi Adityanath took over as UP CM, it was clear that the BJP and the new government were in big surprise in the form of support from the Muslim community. Yes, the media exposed Yogi as Hindutva hardliner, Hindu favourites and Muslim hatred etc but truth is “Chote Maharaj” proved media wrong and has emerged as Muslim hero as well.

Here is a story of Bashir resident from Malappuram Kerala who had seen Yogi Adityanath very closely.

Bashir was the person who left hometown early in his age with one of his neighbour hood friend Sadiq to seek job somewhere due to poverty in his family.

He finally reached Uttar Pradesh and joined as servant in a Dhaba residing at Khalilabad. The Dhaba belongs to Sahid Mustaq from Haryana.

After two years, Bashir took a rented house there from local resident Prakash Yadav with the help of his savings. Then he summoned his wife and daughter there.

One day unexpectedly, Anti Terrorism Squad Police entered Dhabaand arrested the Dhaba owner. As the news speeded over there the localities and restless communal people started attacking on Dhaba. Scared Bashir escaped and reached home using back door. He explained everything to his wife. Helpless Bashir suddenly remembered house owner Prakash  Yadav, called him and explained his situation. Prakash Yadav consoled Bashir and asked him to be at room till he comes over there.

In a few minutes, Praksh Yadav arrived to Bashir place and took him and his family secretly to a Swami’s Ashram.

The Saint(swami) who surrounded by more than 200 saffron-clad supporters walked towards Bashir and his family. Bashir narrated the story to him honestly.

Swami observed Bashir family completely lost in depression and life threat. The saint immediately took Bashir to the Hotel(Dhaba) where he was working and asked him to get down from his vehicle. The localities surrounded Bashir to attack on him as soon as he got down from the Swami’s vehicle until they observed swami behind him. Surprisingly people became calm and confused when they saw Swami with Bashir.

Swami said addressing the people gathered over there, “Bashir is not culprit he is just servant in this Dhaba and nowhere related to owner issues. So please do not disturb him.”

Bashir shocked by the response of people after listening to Swami. They all just nodded for his order with great respect in their eyes.

While returning after lightened the situation the Swami came near Bashir, made him comfort with his words, “Don’t be scared, nothing will happen, we are all there with you.”

Relaxed Bashir went home filled with lot of respect,adherence and gratitude on Swami in his heart.

It was same day evening, house owner Prakash Yadav came to Bashir’s home with a kit of ration in his hand. When Bashir said there was no need of this, Prakashyadav replied with smile, that was not belonging to him and “Yogivarya (spiritual man)” sent that for Bashir’s family.Surprised Bashir asked him, “who is Yogivarya?”.

Prakash Yadav calmly said, “Don’t you know Yogivarya? He is the one who helped you in the morning. He is the MP here, Yogi Adityanath ji.”

After listening to him Bashir had no words to express and just joined his palms together and said thank you Ji with gratitude.

Bashir just recalled the memory of his life, where he met Yogi Adityanath and his support to the family made him unforgettable.

Bashir celebrated the moment more than BJP karyakarthas when Yogi Adityanath became CM of Uttar Pradesh. It was a happiest moment for Bashir.

“Not everyone are bad, situation may forced them to become bad”

“But while judging someone by their external appearance or defects, don’t ignore their good values, nobody is perfect.”

Anusha Shetty

Anusha Shetty.

Source: Posted in Facebook page.