Must Read: Who is Planning to Finish Modi and How???

Ever since India attacked Pakistan through surgical strikes and isolated them globally by exposing their terror affiliations, Pakistan is desperately trying its best to get back at India hook or crook.

In a secret file which was accessed by NewsX recently, the Pakistan has formed a team with 13 senators who are planning to attack India not by external force but by internal forces! The secret file has been termed as  “TARGET MODI, BREAK INDIA”.

The secret file outlines the plan to attack Modi and India by uniting the Anti-India forces and Anti- Modi forces within country. The plan directs to bring together minorities like Muslims, Christians and spread communal hatred against RSS. The main aim is to rack up dalit issues, create riots on basis of caste and religion. According to reports many LeT and JeM terrorists are planning to finish Modi either politically or literally! Pakistan is heavily funding many organizations in India to support their mission.

The Pakistan has constituted two think tank groups for this purpose, one of the senators Abdul Qayyam has confessed that they were directed to highlight the RSS ideology and create fear in the minds of minorities. They are instructed to spread hatred against RSS and Hindus, spread rumors about attack on minorities and project Modi government is supporting the fringe forces.

The note describes 6 point agenda:

  • Target Modi and his RSS Ideology of Hindutva
  • Attack Alienated Muslims, Christians and highlight Maoists insurgency
  • Gather those sections of the public who are against Modi and oppose Anti-Pakistan policies.
  • Unite Secular political parties, NGOs, Media, Civil Society members and Human Rights Activists to speak against India and Modi government.
  • Approach nuclear neighbors and spread the Anti India venom.

This note is a clear indication as to why many political parties have already started to speak against the army and demanding proof. If political parties are playing in the hands of the Pakistan just to win votes, there would be no bigger disgrace to the country. All those people who are demanding to hold dialogue with Pakistan seems to belong to the same gang of Anti India brigade.

Since 2014 its well known how NGOs, media and so called human rights activists ignited the fake intolerance episode to malign the Modi government, but the same people remained silent when Anti India Slogans were raised in JNU. The media glorified terrorist Burhan Wani and called him innocent. Doesn’t this prove who these people are working for?!

Pakistan which is unable to fight direct battle with India is indulging in such shameless activities which are being supported by the people from our own country. The terror country very well knows Modi will show no more soft stand on Pakistan!

Modi Will Make ‘Pakistan Bleed’ Without Noise!

The Intelligence Bureau have also received inputs of Ajit Doval facing severe threats after Surgical strikes. We need to realize the internal enemy in more dangerous than outside enemy and until we curb the traitors who are speaking for Pakistan, India continues to face severe threat both internally and externally!

Aishwarya S**