Must Watch !! Brilliant answer by Narendra Modi when asked about “Hindutva”

Narendra Modi has always been targeted by the media on multiple issues, most of them revolving around “2002”. None of the media houses has tried to genuinely ask him about his ideologies ; the tone has always been condescending, that of a taunt and hatred. In this old video from Hindustan Time Summit in 2007, Narendra Modi was again bombarded with a similar question, when Madhu Trehan asked him what was his idea of Hinduism. She further went on to ask him, in a condescending way, if there was a place for Muslims in his India. The answer from Narendra Modi is something which every Indian, irrespective of religion, must hear.

Narendra Modi said that such questions (those asked by Madhu Trehan) is the problem of those who do not have the slightest idea of what Hindu and Hindutva stand for. Then he goes on to elaborate the all inclusive philosophy of Hindutva, and the foundations of Hindutva based on the fact that the truth is one; sages call it by different names. “Ekam sadvipraah bahudha vadanti – It is Hindutva which believes that all God are one, sages call it by different names. Hindutva never distinguishes between Gods of various religions, rather respects all.”

He then goes on to describe the beauty of Hindutva lies in the fact that most of the time, a person is a devotee of God who matches his qualities – “agar bhakt pahalwaan, toh uske bhagwaan Hanumaan” (If a devotee is a wrestler, he generally worships Hanumaan). If a philosophy that accumulates such diversity is questioned, it implies that the one who has asked the question has no idea of this great philosophy. Narendra Modi narrates the story of how Hindu rulers of ancient India had accommodated and given protection to various persecuted communities from all across the world – be it the Parsees, the Jews or other communities. It is Hindutva that accommodates everyone, and hence such questions are completely misplaced. He also tells a very interesting story to explain the beauty of Hindutva, which can be heard in the video below :

Kshitij Mohan