Must Watch: Check what the former Air Chief Marshall said when asked why India did not strike Pak terrorists post 26/11 and what has changed now!

India has suffered huge in the hands of terror since past 20 years, the period when the terror activities grew almost double the times. The Pakistan nurtured terror groups which kept Kashmir as the main agenda wanted to break India in the name of jihad and religion.

Although India had every capacity to strike them back, the pseudo secular pleasing in the country stopped the so called secular parties from taking any action against Pakistan. But the 26/11 terror attack was something which shook the country in every possible way. The entire country after the 26/11 attack wanted to see Pakistan bleed and expected a revenge for the inhumane act conducted by the terrorists.

However, the entire country was disappointed as the then government took no serious action against Pakistan and rather kept giving excuses. An interview conducted by Vicky Nanjappa with former IAF chief had revealed that although the Indian Air Force, Army was ready for a strike back, the government refused all their suggestions and wanted to remain mum.

Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major had then presented a plan to conduct air strikes across the border on major terror camps of LeT and JuD. He had said the IAF was capable of striking down all terror camps within 16 hours. But the Congress government showed no interest in the Air Strike or retaliating against Pakistan terrorists.

The former IAF chief in an interview to Vicky Nanjappa had revealed that Congress government showed no interest to conduct air strikes against Pakistan.

VN: The eyeball to eyeball confrontation between the two countries was clear after the Mumbai attacks. We all thought that India would go to war against Pakistan. What made everyone change their mind?

Marshal : Nobody changed their mind. In fact, the government never made up its mind to go to war. I know the sentiment of the entire country was that of anger and disgust. The Indian Air Force was ready to strike at Pakistan. We had our contingency ready and were well prepared. However, ultimately it depends on what the government wants.

VN : There was also talk of an air strike along the border to destroy jihadi camps.

MarshalYes, there was. However, the government was not in favour of an air strike across the border as it felt that it would escalate into a full fledged war.

Today, the same Fail Nariman when asked what has changed between the aftermath of 26/11 and Pulwama attack, made a significant comment saying that, the biggest change he saw was two things.One was the political will to strike Pakistan and terrorism and other was the intelligence.

His words confirm that the biggest drawback India faced during Congress rule was the lack of political will to attack Pakistan and the degradation of the India’s intelligence service deliberately.

One can well remember how Col.Srikanth Purohit was accused of planning terror attack and was jailed for 9 years without providing evidence or filing FIR. It is believed that Col. Purohit had scathing evidence about the possible attack of 26/11 which he had intercepted days before he got arrested.

So, Fali Major makes the exact comment saying that the Intelligence today has developed immensely due to which the Air Force was successful in targeting specific sites of terror camps without causing damage to civilians.

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