Must Watch!!! Congress MLA instigating riots in Gujarat by suggesting people to burn alive an accused

It was a few days back, we had witnessed that Adalaj Police had arrested Congress Leader and Thakor Sena Cadre Mahotji Thakor for issuance of threats to non-Gujarati Migrants. In a caught in Camera act, Mahotji was captured in video while issuing threats to migrants in connection with Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor led Thakor Sena Run agitation. And it is not just him involved in the act, 4 others have also been arrested along with him.

Two more controversial videos including Congress MLA’s have hit the media now. Though it seems like situation is normalizing in Gujarat, it doesn’t seem to be so. Congress MLA’s have been adding to the heat by their controversial statements one after the other.

In one of the videos, Woman MLA from Congress from Vav seat Geniben Thakor, who is deemed close to Alpesh Thakor, can be heard giving instigating advise to the woman-folk that had come to meet her at her residence after the Dhundhar rape incident that led to the attacks on non-Gujarati’s.

As the video translates,she can be heard saying that “In such cases people could make groups of 50-150 and burn alive the accused alive pouring petrol rather than handing him over to the police. She later said the she had given such statement to pacify the anger of the women who had come to meet her”.

If you have a careful look at the MLA, she is the same Geniben, who is known for her controversial statement earlier in June this year. When she had given another controversial statement about beating up the BJP leaders. Followed by this statement, a case against her was also lodged in this connection.

Whereas, In the other video BJP MLA from Himmatnagar Rajendra Chavda can be seen saying that he would ensure that survey of all the factories in Sabarkathan area should be done to ensure that the factories give 80% jobs to locals as per the provision in existing law of the Government. Less than 80% jobs to locals in the factories would not be tolerated.

He insisted that he would also start agitation with local youths if the need be for that. Such a huge difference of opinion among the Congress and BJP party members.

One way there is a positive wave, whereas on the other hand, Congress MLA’s are into promotion of violence and hatred among the people. Well, we cannot blame individuals as Congress party has it in its blood. It is so much of negativity that needs no explanation now.

Source:  Desh Gujarat

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