MUST WATCH! Former Income Tax Commissioner Exposes the Real Face of Manmohan Singh!

Just a day after Manmohan Singh criticized the Modi government’s move over demonetization, a video has emerged where the former Income Tax commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, popularly known as Vishwa Bandhu has exposed the real face of Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He has said that Manmohan Singh was no innocent and remained silent since 2005, when huge amount of black money was snatched and looted, he remained silent during numerous scams like 2G, coal scams and CWG scams.

In very harsh words he has compared the Manmohan Singh government to Gaddafi government of Libya saying congress will loot the country and flee when they are caught. He said Manmohan Singh government has betrayed the country like never before. He says the main reason Manmohan Singh was made Prime Minister because he was a No.1 in supporting the corrupts and looters of the country.

The ex-Income tax officer says Manmohan Singh is no new to corruption, starting from Harshad Mehta scam he has always supported the corrupts and never bothered about country’s economy or India. When the IT department raided Harshad Mehta and seized 5000 crore, it was none other than then finance minister Manmohan Singh who had called the IT department over 35 times and instructed them not to take any action. He helped the most corrupt Harshad Mehta get away, “who says he is honest?” added ex income tax commissioner.

He urges Manmohan Singh to come in front of him and debate what actions or how he tried to prevent the scams that happened since a decade?!

Aishwarya S


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