Must Watch! This humane gesture of this forest officer is going viral on social media!

In today’s world we are mostly prone to see such video that are mostly disturbing of animal cruelty and torture. Just two back, 3-4 people were arrested for tying up a langur monkey and hitting it to death with rods and sticks which enraged people.

With all these negatives news, here is one man who has shown a wonderful gesture of humanity and set an example for people. The incident happened in Mettupalayam forest range of Tamil Nadu where a baby elephant got separated from its mother and got stuck in the canal.  It is said that a herd of elephants had entered the are for food and water and were crossing the road. But the locals fearing the elephants, burst crackers to chase the elephants into the forest during which the baby elephant may have got separated from its mother.

The forest officials then heard the cry of baby elephant near the canal and realised that it was separated from the herd and was stuck in the mud near the canal. The forest officials for hours cleared the mud and got the elephant out. They saw that the herd of elephants were still on the other side of the road and the mother was trying to come near the calf. But since there were many people the elephants feared and kept running away.

But one forest official braved to carry the baby elephant on his shoulder and took him near the herd. But somehow, the baby elephant seems to have developed liking to the forest officer and kept returning back to him. This continued for 2 days and the forest officials fed the baby elephant with coconut water, glucose and lactogen to help it gain strength. Finally after 2 days, the mother got the courage to approach the forest team office and took back the baby elephant along.

The forest officials and the locals rejoiced the moment and applauded the forest official for showing courage and humanity towards these gentle giants. It was a happy and emotional moment for all the locals who witnessed the reuniting of the mother and baby elephant.


Salute to the man! Let humanity prevail!

Aishwarya S