Must Watch: This Man from Bollywood Wants to Move to Pakistan, Says Lahore is Real Capital of Bollywood!

Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014; we have seen seculars from all walks of life trying to grab eyeballs by one means or another. What can be a bigger way to achieve fame than make controversial remarks? It has now become commonplace to blame the PM for anything and everything that goes on in the country. Initially it was hatred for the PM which slowly turned into Hindu bashing and has now reached the apex with the same being equated to hating the nation itself.


We saw a chorus of ‘rising intolerance’ chant by the ‘Award Wapsi’ gang during the ‘Dadri’ incident. Now this has reached such a peak that Bollywood folk don’t bat an eyelid before taking a stance against the country and its army. The Indian Army has been facing regular cross border attacks in the form of ceasefire violations on the LOC and infiltration by terrorists from Pakistan.

Recently the army camp in Uri was attacked and following the attack there was a demand for cutting off all bilateral ties with Pakistan. In the same breath when there was a call for banning Pakistani actors and technicians, a section of Bollywood came out in support of the Pakistanis who refused to even condemn such dastardly acts.

Om Puri’s statements

If it wasn’t disgusting enough that Om Puri showed utter disregard for the sacrifice by our Jawans by saying “Who asked the soldiers to join the army? Who told them to pick the weapons”.

A video has now come to light of giving statements to Pakistani media. In the video he not only praised Pakistan but also criticized Indians. He opined that if some elements in India feel that Pakistan is spreading terrorism why are Indian citizens themselves being killed in the country. Citing the Dadri incident he said that Indians are attacked for eating meat. He believes that all over the world people consume beef and it is wrong to attack someone for their dietary preferences. He told Pakistani media that he was against what happened with Ghulam Ali and also that everyone knows who were behind such acts. He added Lahore would have been the capital of Bollywood and not Mumbai if we had not partitioned. He even said he would move to Pakistan in case such attacks continue.  

Who needs enemies when we have such anti-nationals within the country itself?

Watch the video here:-

Latha Iyer