MUST WATCH! No One Had Ever Slapped Karan Thapar So Hard Than Jayalalitha!

This was a video taken few years back, just before the 2011 Tamil Nadu elections. Karan Thapar had asked Jayalalitha a very silly questions and had accused her of corruption.

Karan Thapar who is known for his shameless attitude and asking irrelevant questions has been slammed many times before. But this video shows how Jayalalitha had slammed him like no one before for raising a silly question.

Karan Thapar had said Jayalalitha that she had lost trust for three years and had no relevance in politics just before she won the 2011 elections. So Jayalalitha is a most direct and blunt way puts a break to his interview and tells him has he got anything reverent to ask?! But Karan Thapar still continues his silly rant and asks in a negative way if she still think that she can win the elections to which Jayalalitha slams him and says…”I do not believe in astrology, so wait and watch”

Karan Thapar who finding no way, ends the interview and tries to persuade her saying “It was a pleasure talking to you” and goes for a shake hand, to which Jayalalitha bluntly says…“I must say it was not a pleasure talking to you…NAMASTE” and coolly walks out of the room. Completely embarrassed Karan Thapar makes a sheepish face and walks out.

Aishwarya S