MUST WATCH! Nobody had Slammed Kejriwal Better than Arnab Goswami on Demonetization Before!

Five years back we had seen Arvind Kejriwal talking big words about putting break to corruption, changing the system etc etc etc…! This man today probably doesn’t even remember the India Against Corruption Movement. He has now turned into a hard core corrupt politician, may be turned to be more worst than other political parties.

Ever since demonetization was announced, this man seems like he has lost all money and with money he has lost his mind as well. His loose talk, mindless accusation calling demonetization a scam makes him look how desperate he has become. The simple question is why is Kejriwal opposing demonetization??? Any logical thinking person would know the step will affect the corrupts and black money holders. When the whole country has endorsed the move, why are only political parties crying over the issue???

Even after repeated explanation by various economists that demonetization had become inevitable and if not implemented now, the black money run parallel economy would have collapsed the Indian economy in few years, still these people continued their nonsense talk.

Arnab Goswami is probably the best person to shut the mouth of these politicians who have no control over their tongue. Goswami few days back had attended a talk on Transform Maharashtra which was presided over by CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. During the interaction session, a student posed a question on Demonetization to Devendra Fadnavis and Arnab.

Goswami without mincing words directly attacked Kejriwal and asked “Why was he opposing Demonetization and Digital economy?” He clearly put forth his argument that if digital economy was in place, Kalmadi and his friends could not have done the Common Wealth Scam through PayTM!! So he says that digital economy is the best way to curb corruption and stop the black money market. He said that it is important that technology must be pushed into the system and this is the biggest reform to uplift the Indian economy.

He also goes to say that today it may have posed few problems to people, but 6 months or 1 year down the lane, people will look back and appreciate the move and they will be glad the hard step was taken, for which he received a thundering applause from the audiences.


Watch the full video of the Transform Maharashtra

Aishwarya S