MUST WATCH! ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ sung in a Russian Church!

A video has gone viral on social media since a day. It’s not a usual video of a politician or movie star giving a speech or performing a stunt, but it’s a video which every India would feel proud about.

A Russian rock band has been in news for their unique performance in a Russian church. The rock band breaking all traditions sung the famous Hindu prayer Om Namah Shivaya and Om Gan Ganapathi Namah which attracted people big way. The lady in the rock band sang the Hindu prayer in her own way which surprised each one in the church.

The entire people in the church started cheering, clapping and joined in singing the prayer. This is probably the first time a Hindu prayer has been sung in the Church. With the rock music in the background and the visual effects of ‘OM’ on the walls of churches mesmerized the crowds thoroughly.

It was indeed a pleasure to watch the Hindu prayer being sung by a foreigner in a church. This is the true essence of Hinduism which says ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ which means the world is one family.

When we say that India is not respected for its bollywood songs but for the rich culture and tradition it carries, this is what it means. Endorsing others culture is not a easy task since most religious people have pride and do not wish to accept other beliefs. But time and again it’s been proved that Hinduism is not a religion but it’s the right way of living. It’s a way to synchronize our self with God and Nature. So every practice and belief has a positive effect on mind and leads people towards happiness and salvation. Seeking our self, understanding the inner meaning of life and reason of birth is what makes us a complete human being.

It is heartening to see westerns following our practice, while many of our own people either due to mis-conception or ignorance have forgotten our cultural practices and traditions and are falling prey to the materialist western lifestyle.

Aishwarya S**