MUST WATCH! Rahul Gandhi Thinks He is “HE MAN” See What He Said About Himself!

Rahul Gandhi never fails to entertain the Nation. He now can be called the official comedian of the parliament.

Congress and Rahul Gandhi have always been accusing the government of not letting them speak in the Parliament. But the Nation knows who exactly is not letting the Parliament function, raising illogical arguments on demonetization. These political parties who have been badly hit after demonetization have come on streets protesting against the move and demanding a roll back on the demonetization.

Just yesterday the President of India gave a stern warning to all opposition NOT TO GAG the government just because few people were unhappy over demonetization. He specially made a cry “For God’s Sake Let the Parliament Function”!

But Congress seems to have no shame left in them. The party which yesterday said that it will allow the parliament function is again back to its shameless act of blocking the proceedings.

When the house got adjourned several times, Rahul Gandhi was questioned by media whether Congress will never let Parliament function for which he gave a hilarious and stupid answer saying thatHe has prepared the speech and has papers ready, and if he Speaks in Parliament there will be EARTHQUAKE!”

This man seems to have no responsibility and speaks as though his tongue and brain has no connection.The entire country has seen his capability in Parliament and what is his efficiency. Let him see his own video of what EARTH QUAKE he created in Parliament in his previous speech!

Wonder if these people ever think about the Nation. Day before yesterday the Rajya Sabha was suppose to pass The Rights of Persons With Disabilities Bill in Parliament, but the Congress deliberately stalled the Parliament and prevented the bill from being tabled. The notice for the bill had been given previously by the government and had requested the opposition parties to support which would help the Divyang’s to get more jobs in government sector. The government had proposed an increase the reservation from from 3% to 4% in governmnet jobs and an increase in reservation in education from 4% to 5%.

But these shameless opposition are racking up new issues every day just to block the parliament and disrupt the key reforms.

There is nothing much to explain or to expect from a party who do not mind destroying the country for their political benefit. The question is how long do we have to bear people like Rahul Gandhi who thinks Parliament is a place to NAP and take rest and thinks politics is just TIME PASS. This man who used to visit India for SUMMER BREAKS when his party was in power for 10 years today wants to advice people about governance??

The biggest problem with people like Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is that they consider themselves as KINGS and QUEENS and NO ONE can question them. They think the own this country and all the people are their slaves. Seems like they will never give up their arrogance even after people have sent them clear signals of dejection!!

— Aishwaraya S