Must Watch! Sambit Patra Destroys Asaduddin Owaisi on Communalising Demonetisation

 It was a one-on-one debate between Sambit Patra & Asaduddin Owaisi on the topic of demonetization, and Sambit Patra left no stone unturned in exposing Owaisi’s communal designs.

Owaisi’s Arguments

  • As is always the case Owaisi spoke only for Muslims. He claimed how most of the Muslim community still remains unbanked, & that demonetization has caused severe inconvenience to Muslims.
  • He even went on to say that ATM’s in Muslim-dominated areas weren’t fed enough money.
  • Mentioning some RBI report & the Census 2011, he pointed out that Muslims were far away from the banking system, & indirectly alleged that the Modi government hadn’t done anything for Muslims.
  • Even after being pressurized Owaisi didn’t call Narendra Modi as his Prime Minister.

Sambit’s Counter Arguments

  • Sambit was particularly aggressive, & called Owaisi a leader of small stature because he talked only of Muslims.
  • He said that no area was Muslim or Hindu, & that all areas belonged to India. He even told Owaisi to the face that he ‘dare not use such divisive language again’.
  • Questioning Owaisi’s alliance with the UPA, Sambit asked how many banks & ATMs had Owaisi volunteered to open in the so-called Muslim areas.
  • Owaisi was constantly quoting an RBI report, to which Sambit challenged him to show where the RBI had used the word ‘Muslim’.
  • To prove that everything was about Muslims & not India for Owaisi, Sambit asked him why he’d said that Yakub was hanged because he was a Muslim even though he was a terrorist. Owaisi seemed particularly flustered at this.
  • To show how ‘patriotic’ he is, Owaisi said that we all have fought for India’s independence. But Sambit jumped in & said that Owaisi didn’t truly mean any such thing because his party’s foundation had been on the premise of keeping Hyderabad as a separate province & to not accede it to Indian rule.
  • Sambit even said that if a Muslim leader speaks of Muslims it’s not an issue, but the moment a sadhvi or VHP leader speaks of Hindus people go crazy accusing them of imposing the Hindutva ideology.
  • The most amazing of his counters was to Owaisi’s claims of Muslims not having been brought into the banking system. Sambit said that when banks or ATMs are to be opened in Muslim areas leaders like Owaisi shout that banking is un-Islamic & that Muslims should refrain from it!
  • Sambit brilliantly cornered Owaisi on not openly saying that Narendra Modi was his
  • Prime Minister, & said that this proved that Owaisi was of a divisive mindset.

 General Observations

  • The audience seemed rather anti-BJP. Most of the questions & even anger of people was directed toward Sambit, even though it was Owaisi who was openly communalising the topic.
  • No Muslim member of the audience questioned Owaisi on his communal tone or his denial to accept Narendra Modi as his prime minister. Yet many Hindus (& obviously almost all Muslims) took to heckling & shouting at Sambit for exposing Owaisi especially on Yakub issue. Not being judgemental, but this overwhelming desire of Hindus to appear secular is the main reason for extreme divides within the Hindu society.


Vinayak Jain