Must Watch! Subramanian Swamy Thrashes Barkha Dutt, Exposes Her Hypocrisy Openly!

Throughout the video Barkha Dutt refuses to accept that terrorism has anything to do with religion, but doesn’t fail to mention ‘Hindu terror’. Anyways, it was Subramanuim Swamy who showed Barkha & the other panelists the mirror.

The gist of what all Dr. Swamy said can be put in two points –

  • On the issue of whether terrorism has a religion or not, Dr. Swamy very accurately said that terrorists are motivated in the name of Jihad & Islam & that there’s no denying it.
  • When Barkha Dutt couldn’t find enough arguments she used terror-attack survivor Sumeet Singh’s sentiments to further her own internal beliefs. To this Dr. Swamy – very commendably – said that there is no need to flaunt one’s past & to use ‘cinema-like’ dialogues to discuss terrorism. He said that even he has seen the real face of terrorism up close when his daughter was a victim of an attack. He also said that educated Muslims in the US have carried out terror attacks in the recent past.

There is nothing wrong in what Dr. Swamy said. He never said that all Muslims are terrorists or that whole of Islam is the problem (which is how journalists & political opponents like to put it to corner people like Dr. Swamy). All he pointed out was that terrorists are falsely brainwashed in the name of Islam. And that this is the root cause of the problem.

If we don’t even agree on what the problem is, then how can we solve it? If a person is suffering from a severe stomach ache which is actually a muscle spasm, but the doctor keeps treating him with oral medicines assuming food poisoning, then how can even such a minute problem be solved? Recognizing that terrorists are born out of people being radicalized in the name of Jihad & also being made to believe that Hindus & Jews are sworn enemies is the very first step to addressing the problem.

Dr. Swamy very correctly said that using statements like ‘the terrorist doesn’t see the religion of the person he’s killing’ are all very good to the ear but they neither address the issue at hand nor help in solving it. The crux of the matter is identifying what motivates even the most educated of people to take up arms & kill innocent people in the name of religion. Clearly poverty is not the sole reason why youth get radicalized; it’s much more complicated.

This video is also a clear example of how the media, especially the likes of Barkha Dutt, stick to their own agenda & are a major obstacle in allowing the common public in understanding where the real problem of terrorism lies. This is very similar propaganda to how one death made the whole country (especially a particular religion) intolerant but the genocide of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits had absolute nothing to do with religion!


Vinayak Jain**