MUST WATCH! Subramanian Swamy’s Awesome Reply About Sonia and Rahul Gandhi!

During a panel discussion, Dr Subramanian Swamy was asked a question by a lady, “Why do you want to make India free from Congress? Because there are many people in Congress too have served the country in a good way. Whether you want to free India from Congress or only from Rahul and Sonia Gandhi? Do you have any personal enmity towards them?”

He gave his signature smile (laughter) after listening to this question.  However, he considered it important to answer this question in detail.

He started his answer by saying “I don’t have any personal enmity towards them. But the confusion that is there about Rahul and Sonia makes me feel that India should be free from them. If I say we need to free India from Rahul and Sonia, then people would say that I took it personally. So it is better to say ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ (Congress free India). Otherwise too, if these two go out of Congress, then the party will collapse for another 10 – 15 years.”

The answer was not over there. He continued “Sonia Gandhi and her family members are not working for the welfare of the country. They were planning to threaten the country and countrymen in the name of ‘Hindu Terror’. Good that God has graced us by removing their government and bringing ours.”

If he had stopped here, probably the crowd would have been left in confusion about his statement about the Congress President and Vice President. However, he explained how did the Congress helped Lashkar e Taiba, the terrorist group in different ways. In his own words, “The first step UPA took soon after coming to power in 2004 was removing the restriction on Simi, the student wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Rahul Gandhi went to US Embassy to give statement during Wiki Leaks revelations and said the officers that the Congress party believes that Hindu Terror is more dangerous than LeT.”

Now there was a need to know how Sonia was linked to LeT or what is the need for her to favour LeT. Swamy explained that too. He told, “US proposed in UNO to declare LeT as an international terrorist group. UNO considered the proposal and declared it. Soon after that, these people backtracked and gave bail to those accused in Samjhota express bombing incident. However, they continued to keep the threat of Hindu Terror in the country artificially. Why was it done? Because, they have a relationship with Pakistan. Farida Ataullah, an ISI agent in London is good friend of Sonia Gandhi. She was a spcial invitee for Priyanka’s wedding.”

Swamy also threw light on background of Sonia which definitely gives more clarity on her possible links with these people and groups. He elaborated, “Sonia’s father was a KGB agent. KGB stands for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, which means Committee for State Security translated in English, was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up. Sonia was a KGB agent too and was sent to London.”

After giving so much of explanation for his stand on ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, Swamy concluded, “All these things have proof. So it is important to bring awareness among the countrymen about these and free India from their clasp.”

Now, after reading to this, probably every person will feel that it is a necessity to make India free from Congress or per say, Sonia and Rahul.

– Akshara Damle

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