Must watch video for Bollywood actors who supported Pakistani actors over Indian army!

Bollywood’s love for Pakistan and its actors isn’t a secret. The influence of a particular person in Pakistan over Bollywood isn’t a secret either. This infatuation of Bollywood with Pakistan is such that its actors even keep national interest secondary.

After the Uri attack, there was a chorus to send back Pakistani actors. They live in India, earn fame and money because of Indians, but they unanimously forget to condemn the killings of our civilians and soldiers caused by their government.

What we demanded was simply a condemnation of the terror, not the Pakistani government, by actors like Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan and a few others, but they shamelessly kept quiet.

What was even more despicable was the way some Indian celebs defended them and spoke against sending these Pakistani actors back. Their argument was that the film industry is above all this. That one shouldn’t ‘pollute’ the industry with such talks of division. That art transcends borders.

Now, let me give a small glimpse of reality to these Bollywood actors. Let’s show them what Pakistani actors think about the most gruelling and crucial matter to India – Kashmir.

This Pakistani actor says, “I dedicate this award to all Kashmiris who sacrifice and suffer injustice. All Pakistanis are with you. Never think that we’ll back out.”

So, our actors back such people over national sentiment, and they openly interfere in our internal matters. This is a smack on the cheek of Pakistan-loving people in Bollywood.

Our actors (barring a few) are so obsessed with maintaining a secular and peace-loving image that they’ll defend these Pakistani actors even when mothers of our martyrs cry out for revenge and children of our martyrs stare into a dim bleak future.

These actors who speak for Pakistan are cowards, nothing more. Has any of them ever spoken for our martyrs? For our undeniable right over Kashmir when Pakistan keep staking its own? Against Pakistan who threatens us with nuclear war every other day?

But we must be objective in our discourse here – at least Pakistani celebs possess a feeling of patriotism for their country and that’s admirable! Even though they’ve been brainwashed to believe that Kashmir is a national issue for them, they at least back their government and army on the same. They challenge and threaten India when war looms large. They firmly stand behind their soldiers.

Compare this with Indian celebs (again there are a handful of exceptions). They support Pakistani actors when the national sentiment is against them. They never speak, let alone do something for our martyrs and their families. When Pakistan kills our men and we retaliate, they spinelessly advocate ‘aman ki asha’. On the very extreme end of the spectrum, they make movies like Haider that depicts the ‘harassment’ of Kashmiris at the hands of the Indian Army.

In the end, I’d say that these people in Bollywood need to seriously rethink their agenda. If they don’t, the people of the country are no more in the mood to tolerate their ambiguous nonsense.

Vinayak Jain