MUST WATCH! This Video Will Send Shock Waves to Sonia Gandhi!

All these years Sonia Gandhi thought she was the queen and no person could ever question her. She has been contesting from Raebareli undefeated, which was once the constituency of former Primer Indira Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi has been contesting from Raebareli from the year 2004 and has been winning the seat defeating her opponents with high margin.

But since 2014, there has been a lot of visible complaints seen from her constituency, where people have started to realize that she hasn’t brought any development in the town. People had even complained of drinking water problem, electricity and improper roads. But all that Sonia Gandhi could do was to put the blame on central government.


Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi faced huge embarrassment during 2014 election campaign when people started asking her about development and facilities. Rahul Gandhi even faced a huge set back in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when his winning margin against Smriti Irani was greatly reduced.


Ever since Narendra Modi became PM, Sonia Gandhi is facing tremendous pressure from people to develop her constituency. But however she has shown no interest and has hardly visited her constituency. Somehow people showed sympathy towards her for the only reason that she belonged to the Gandhi clan and Raebareli has been a traditional seat of Gandhi family.


But this time Sonia Gandhi has a lot to worry! Ever since Narendra Modi announced the fight against black money by cancelling the old high denomination notes, he has received unprecedented support from people and have seen the real change in the society. Majority of the people have supported the move and accepted that Modi has taken bold decision.

The real worry for Congress and especially Sonia and Rahul Gandhi is despite their relentless rant against Modi and spreading false news about demonetization, people have not fallen for the lies. Their own constituency people have rejected Sonia Gandhi’s claim and stood with Narendra Modi.

Network 18 which conducted a survey recently visited Raebareli, where they asked people’s response on demonetization decision in which 90% people spoke in favour of Modi and rejected Sonia Gandhi. For a question asked whether they support Modi ror Sonia Gandhi, they answered they all stand with Modi. This is the first time ever people of Raebareli have spoken so openly against Sonia Gandhi. Since they have been hard core supporters of Sonia and Gandhi family, it was very rare to see people speaking against Gandhi family inspite of poor development.


This videos will definitely make Sonia Gandhi lose sleep for few days!

Aishwarya S