Must Watch! When people were asked “Will they support Rahul Gandhi” they outrightly rejected it and said a big “NO”

With the voting for Loksabha Elections 2019 already going on, one thing that can be judged after the three phases of voting and from the mood of the people is that PM Narendra Modi is the only choice of the people. They dn’t see their leader and future in the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Once again this has been witnessed in Madhya Pradesh. When people were asked “Will they support Rahul Gandhi” they outrightly rejected it and said a big “NO” and that too also to the senior most Congress leader Kamal Nath

In a video shared on social media, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath was seen in a candid conversation with India Today’s Rahul Kanwal interviewing him for his show Jab We Met, where he travels to different parts of the country to interview political leaders.

When Kamal Nath approached to people amidst of his conversation and asked people “Will you support Rahul Gandhi” in the upcoming elections. People said “ NO”. Rattled by their answer he asked “Whom will you support then”. People replied Kamal Nath. This might have sound music to his ears but one thing that cannot be denied and that is voice of people it is that People doesn’t like Congress President Rahul Gandhi at all. They have no faith in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and they don’t want to handover the nation to him at any cost.

The era of Gandhi dynasty is over now. The voters of India have risen. They know what is right and wrong for them they now not fall in the false traps of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

But people need to understand this also that even if they will support local Congress leaders at their place in one or another way they are supporting Congress President Rahul Gandhi only. So they don’t have to waste their vote and cast their vote wisely for the future and the development of the nation.



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