Myanmar’s Konyak Union claims Indian Commandos engaged with Militants 15 km inside Myanmar

On the 27th of September, there was news that the Indian Army had conducted another surgical strike in Myanmar. This news was quickly refuted by the Indian Army saying that all the action against NSCN (K) militants took place inside Indian territory.

This claim by the Army has been quashed by the Konyak Union (Myanmar) which states that Indian commandos entered Myanmar’s territory to reply to the firing by militants on Indian troops.

According to a statement received from the Konyak Union President S.A. Khotai and General Secretary K. Honwang, the firing between the Indian security forces and the NSCN (K) took place between Khonsa and Langkho village, approximately 15km inside Eastern Konyak Myanmar.

The statement quoted reports from Langkho villagers who said that many unexploded bombs were found in the paddy fields of Langkho village where the gun battle allegedly took place. The firing occurred between 3 am and 6 am and the location of these paddy fields were two kilometers before reaching Langkho village.

The militant outfit NSCN (K) stated in a press statement that the encounter between the ‘Indian Para Commandos and Elite Unit of NSCN/GPRN’ took place deep inside Myanmar Naga area situated around 15 km away from the international boundary.

The press statement said, “…the Eastern Command have no idea at all that Langkho village is deep inside Myanmar Naga area situated around 15km away from the international boundary where the encounter took place before dawn on 27 Sept between Indian Para Commandos and Elite Unit of NSCN/GPRN.”

It’ll be interesting to see if and how the Indian Army counters this statement. They could very well ignore this accusation or may come out with a counter statement as they’ve been accused of crossing the international border without permission. The Indian Army thrashed the NSCN (K) militants, so this could well be a ploy to defame the Army by accusing it of crossing the international border. The counter view would be that the Indian Army has crossed the border twice in the last two years – once in Myanmar and then into PoK – so it’s very much possible that it did so again, but it doesn’t want to make it international news.

Source: www.defencenews.in

Vinayak Jain