“Mysteries and Secrets Behind the Rajiv Gandhi Murder”: Nalini’s lawyer claims to have proof of an insider’s hand in Rajiv Gandhi’s murder!

India has never done justice to numerous leaders who were killed in cold blood. Starting from the time of the assassination of Gandhi, there has been number of mysterious deaths of Prime Ministers and leaders who still haven’t got justice.

Although everyone today believes that Nathuram Godse was the man who killed Gandhi, the world doesn’t know who was the man to took a shot at Gandhi even before Nathuram Godse did, or from where did the forth bullet enter Gandhi’s body. It was the same in the case of Lal Bahudur Shastri who was killed in mysterious circumstance in Russia. His personal doctor and his servant were killed in accident just hours before they could reach the court to testify the incident. Similarly Rajiv Gandhi’s death is also a mysterious incident which saw no logical end.

But in all these cases, one thing was very common….an Insider’s hand.

Rajiv Gandhi’s death mystery is one of the most controversial subject as anyone who raised their voice to reveal the truth was silenced by powerful people. Sadly the family itself did not want the truth to come out and the Congress party as never showed any interest to investigate the case. It was a open secret that LTTE was only doing the job they were given and the master mind behind the assassination was an insider who wanted to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi.

S Doraiswamy who is the defence lawyer of Nalini, the prime accused in Rajiv Gandhi’s murder, writes a book after many years of cross examinations and investigations Mysteries and Secrets Behind the Rajiv Gandhi Murder which clearly indicates the role of an insider who was very close to Rajiv Gandhi. But this book was never published until 2014 due to various pressures.

In his interview to the Tehelka magazine he reveals some of the most shocking information which has been kept secret for decades.

For the benefit of readers, I would give brief background on Rajiv’s assassination. It is said that Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was a pre planned plot by one of the most powerful person in Congress who used Vatican and Norway Intelligence Agency (NIA) to execute the operation. The conversation between LTTE Prabhakaran and Vatican with an insider’s support is said to have intercepted by the Russian Intelligence which is even available today.

S Doraiswamy directly claims that he has enough proof to show that Rajiv Gandhi’s murder was purely an insiders job and LTTE only obeyed their orders. He claims that the SIT headed by Inspector General of Police DR Karthikeyan never pushed the investigation in the right direction and says the charge sheet had numerous loop holes which can be identified even by a layman. He says that Rajiv Gandhi who was campaigning all over the country had finished his campaign in Tamil Nadu. But on 18th May, the All Indian Congress Committee suddenly included to campaign for Margatham Chandrashekar in Sriperumbudur. But this program was announced by a news channel Dina Thanti on 17th May that Rajiv Gandhi will address a meeting on 21th May in Sripperumbudur, even before the Congress committee took the decision. None of the Congress leaders were aware about such a meeting. On 18 May, the committee responsible for Rajiv’s tour programme held a meeting at AICC and finalised the tour. How was the Dina Thanthi reporter able to write a story on Rajiv’s tour schedule before it was finalised by the AICC?

Vazhapadi Ramamurthy, then Tamil Nadu Congress chief, had sensed some confusion and advised Rajiv Gandhi not to address the meeting on 21th May. But he was sidelined as Maragatham Chandrashekar spoke to a powerful person in Delhi and convinced Rajiv Gandhi to attend the meet in Sriperumbudur. Initially the Congress took permission to hold meeting in school grounds. But for some reason Margatham intervened and changed the venue to temple grounds without informing anyone. Police permission was not taken and security arrangements were overlooked.

Doraiswamy hints that Margatham was facilitating the killers. He also quotes that Shivarasan’s dairy had a mention of paying Rs 5 Lakhs to Lalit Chandrasekar, Margatham’s son for organizing Sriperumbdur rally. This was revealed by the SIT officer Ragothaman in his book who investigated the case. But when the cross examination was conducted the dairy was not produced to the court. The book also said that when SIT officer went to meet Margatham’s son in hospital to identify Dhanu (suicide bomber) he said he did not know. But his daughter who was deaf and dumb identified Dhanu before she was taken away by her family members. So the SIT did not produce correct proof as to why would Margatham and her family have links with terrorist Shivarasan!

Shivarasa’n’s dairy had notes “Departure of Rajiv 4.30 pm; arrival at Madras 6 pm.” But the helicopter could not take off from Visakhapatnam until 6.15 pm due to a technical snag. But Shivarasan had came to know that flight was delayed even though he was traveling in bus. (there were no mobile phones then….who informed him) They also confirmed that Rajiv was going to address the meet and there was no change!

Shivarasan’s dairy had also said that he had paid Rs 1.71 crores to some one called TAG on March 13th 1991. But the SIT never probed who was TAG or why was such huge amounts paid. The amount was paid in hard cash in Madhya Pradesh.

Aathirai, one of the accused in the Rajiv case, had filed petition in Madras High Court that she wanted to reveal shocking information about Shivarasan.

She stated…..“When I was in Jaffna, I met Sivarasan who had left the LTTE movement and was frequenting India. I sought his help to go to Germany from India. On arrival at Madras, Sivarasan told me he has been engaged by some Congress leader to do a certain job and offered a large amount and a job in a foreign country. He asked me to join him in the execution of the job. But I refused. He later confided that one Mr Kalyanaraman, manager at AICC headquarters, had entrusted him with the execution of the job and informed me that Rajiv would visit Madras on 21 May and would stay at Sriperumbudur. On 22 May, Sivarasan told me he had executed the job with Dhanu’s help. He told me to go to Delhi and said Kalyanaraman would help me get a passport to go to Germany.”

Doraiswamy says that the SIT goofed up operation to catch Shivarasan and Shuba who were hiding in Bangalore after Rajiv Gandhi’s murder. He says that it was easy for Shivarasan to reach Vedaranyam and go to Sri Lanka, but he came to Bangalore which is very unusal. The SIT took no action for 4 days, if they had used NSG commandos they could have caught Shivarasan alive and real truth would have come out. But some one powerful deliberately delayed the operations and he committed suicide. When his body was found, there was a 9 mm pistol and an AK-47 near it, the SIT never probed who gave him these weapons in Bangalore.

He goes to say that the video and photographs which were taken moments before Rajiv Gandhi’s death was lost. Surprisingly, few pictures appeared in Hindu newspaper which means someone had the pictures and SIT falsely claimed they lost it. All the videos were tampered and crucial moments were erased which definitely shows that they never wanted the truth to come out. Even today the powerful people in Congress never want the truth to come out says Doraiswamy!

To know how Vatican was involved and the mysterious role of Insider read the below article!

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Credit: http://archive.tehelka.com/story_main51.asp?filename=Ne210112evidence.asp

Aishwarya S