Which is the most used deceptive military tactic since ancient times?!

War or battles involve hundreds of military tactics which were used to defeat enemies. Different military commanders strategized their own tactics and plans some of which became the trade mark in military operations.Even after thousands of years, they remained relevant and applicable.

The best examples are Chankya Niti, Mahabharat, Sun Tzu who set records and set their own bench marks in military strategy. But among all the example one of the most successful which was used by everyone was a tactic of Deception. The deception was mostly achieved by using one of the most common weakness of man, the LUST.

Yes, lust is something which makes anyone weak and fall for anything. This method was used by almost all strategist which yielded positive results.

One of the biggest instance was how a military general was mislead. The military general was in the middle of the war and after he had a detailed discussion with his cadre, he was about to go to rest. But he was distracted by a women who attracted him so much and took him to her room, they had good time together and the general was very glad he met the women. He also wanted to take her to his kingdom. As the sun rays started appearing, the soldiers realised that their general was asleep more than his usual hours and approached him to wake him up. But when they entered his room, he was lying still with his eyes wide open. He was dead!! The beautiful lady was gone!

Later his army was badly defeated by another King who took control of his Kingdom. He was none other than ChandraGupta Maurya and the strategist was none other than Chankya and the beautiful lady was Visha Kanya.

Visha Kanya was a trained lady who used to attract men with her beauty and killed them while have sexual intercourse. This lady never used any poisonous material to kill people but she herself was a filled with poison. It is believed that Chanakya had made such 100 Visha Kanya who were used during war times.

According to few books, Chanakya had trained these ladies by administering small amounts of poison and then had slowly increased the level to unbearable extent to which the Visha Kanyas had turned immune. But any sexual contact with them would kill the person without harming her.  It is also said that such women were also trained to handle different poisons and knew how to poison their targets according to the situation.

It is also said that many years back, Royal Navy had used this same tactic against the German Navy during the first World War. Germans who were highly trained in using Submarines gave tough time to Royal Navy who later realised that they will have to work out different strategy to defeat Germans.

The Royal Navy (British) used a new strategy where in they brought in new ships and projected them to be a merchant ships. The Navy crew dressed themselves as girls and started to dance and make merry on the ship to which the Germans got attracted. They really believed the ship to be a merchant ship and decided to exploit the girls. But as soon as the Submarine surfaced, the British attacked the Germans and killed them.

So, the tactic of deception is one of the biggest and most used tactic in the military war technique.

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