The mysterious story behind the ‘Halal meat’ which nobody wants you to know!

In present world, it is a fashion for many slaughter houses to proudly display that they sell Halal meat. The word halal means “done the Islamic way”. Most of us believe that the word halal is connected with just food. But the real fact behind it will shock you.

There are many certification companies in the world, like FDA for drugs, FSSAI for foods in India, halal is actually an unofficial certification given by the Muslim clerics to the meat shops. Anything that can be called Islamic or exactly opposite of Haram can be called Halal.

So what is the big problem?

This halal certification is not just any certification given to meat shops, but it is a mafia which utilizes the money generated to fund the terrorists. Yes, this is a monopolized business which has spread in various countries and minting money from people to indirectly fund terrorism. It is found that most of the money collected reaches terrorists in Pakistan and ISIS.

With the halal meat dominating the society, the domestic economy is being completely destroyed. The traditional and indigenous method of selling meat is completely lost and many non-Muslim meat owners have lost business. In a way, it is a game played by the Muslim clerics to dominate the world with Islamic practices. In several instances, scientists have proved that the “halal way to do something” is not the best way.

A research conducted by the Australian group of scientists showed that how Muslim clerics have turned Halal certification a business and a source to fund terrorists. Speaking in defence of the reclaim Australia rallies, Austaralian leader and founder of ‘Fact Check’ organization, Pauline Hanson told the Nine Network’s Today program that halal certification was a money-making racket.

“It is a profit money-making racket. The money goes into Islamic organisations and has been connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in France and actually also in Canada. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a listed terrorist organisation in Australia, but Ms Hanson has made similar claims that explicitly link halal certification, the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.

“It’s estimated it’s a $3 trillion industry and this money can go to mosques, Islamic schools and it’s even estimated that it can go to terrorism,” she said.

The Thomson Reuters work has been quoted in research by international accounting firm PwC and by the Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries, a subsidiary of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The Federal Government’s trade body Austrade cites 2012 Malaysian research that estimated the value of the halal food industry globally at between $US600 billion and $US2.1 trillion.

When the journalist reported about the links of halal certification to terror organization, she was threatened by many Muslim clerics.

When FactCheck questioned Muhammad Khan, CEO of Halal Australia about the money trail, he denied funding terrorist organizations and said Halal Australia donates some of its profits to Islamic schools and mosques as part of its broader community engagement program.

So it is important to understand whether we are indirectly helping the terrorists encouraging the halal meat.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-14/fact-check-does-halal-certification-fund-terrorism/6383238

Aishwarya S**