Na Ghar Ke Na Khaat Ke- Rahul Gandhi’s Khaat Pe Charcha Becomes a Laughing Stock!

Politicians try to bring in new ideas to attract voters during election campaigns. In 2014 we saw some of the best election campaigns like Chai Pe charcha, live debates and discussions etc. But Rahul Gandhi has come up with most hilarious idea to attract voters with “Khaat Pe Charcha” for the upcoming UP election in 2017!

Rahul Gandhi has never failed to prove himself as a joker every time by his funny speeches and actions. Today Rahul embarked on his 2500 km kisan yatra. He had organized a Khat Sabha (Meeting of Wooden Cots) in Rudrapur Inter College ground to address the farmers. After Rahul Gandhi”™s speech, the villagers wasting no time started picking the cots which were arranged for the meet and ran away. More than 1000 stringed cots vanished in no time.

The situation lead to huge chaos and embarrassed the congress party big time. Many villagers when asked about the meeting said, “these cots will be helpful for the”! The entire situation looked as if the villagers came only to take the cots from the venue. Men, women, children were all seen running with the cots.

Local congress leaders tried to stop the villagers from taking away the cots, but the villagers cared for none and pushed the party workers away and carried away the cots with them.
“What will the Congress leaders do with the khatias?” said one farmer who identified himself as Ram Lakhan, when asked by a Congress leader to put down the cot he was carrying on his head.

To hold Khat Sabha”™s the Congress has specially got the Khats made by artisans in Bihar and other states for the event. As soon as the news of chaos, fight and confusion broke on news channels, Congress party started to defending Rahul Gandhi saying the crowd was huge and hence was unable to control. Reports also suggested that many people were hurt while carrying the cots home.

Twitter started responding immediately trending “ReplaceMovieNameWithKhats” mocking Rahul Gandhi”™s rally.

Aishwarya S