Najeeb Jung had offered to resign twice but was asked to continue: Know who asked him to continue

On 27 May 2014, a day after Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India, Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung met him for a good 40 minute. Along with congratulating Narendra Modi for becoming the Prime Minister and talking about issues related to Delhi, Najeeb Jung had offered to resign. He told the Prime Minister that he was appointed by the UPA government and now since the government has changed, he would like to go back to his academic life. However, Prime Minister Modi was quick to turn down this request and said, “You carry on with your work with full dedication.” This gave confidence to LG Najeeb Jung and he continued his work.

Two years later, on 6 June 2016, Najeeb Jung completed 3 years in office. On this occasion, once again he had a long meeting with the Prime Minister where he offered to resign for the second time, mentioning that it had been a convention to review the appointment of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi every 3 years. Once again, the Prime Minister strongly backed him and asked him to continue his work. It was the second time when PM Modi did not accept Jung’s resignation and asked him to continue.

However on 22 December 2016, Najeeb Jung surprised everyone by resigning from the post of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. He did not mention any specific reason for resignation, but he said that he was looking to looking forward to a different and quiet life with freedom to travel, meet friends, read and go back to his first love, academics and teaching. When Jung met Prime Minister Narendra Modi after having already put in his resignation papers, their discussion went much beyond Delhi affairs and touched upon wider issues like social harmony and society. PM Modi, however, was not happy with the resignation of Najeeb Jung and asked him, “Why are you not telling me the full story (of your resignation) ?”

After the meeting with the Prime Minister, Najeeb Jung said, “I had a warm meeting with the prime minister. It was a singular honour and pleasure to serve the government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The support that I received cannot be stated or measured in words, and to that end, I will always be deeply indebted to him.”

PM Narendra Modi is often accused by the opposition parties of carrying vendetta politics and politicization of appointments, but this incident in itself is a clear testimony to the fact that the Prime Minister Modi has always supported honest and dedicated candidates in job, irrespective of their political affiliations. Not only once, but twice in the span of two and a half years, Prime Minister Modi stood like a rock behind Najeeb Jung and did not accept his resignation, asking him to continue. This is statesmanship, which political leaders across spectrum must learn from PM Modi.

Kshitij Mohan