What is ‘Namaste gang’? why you should be be aware of these people?

What will you do if a person waves at you, passes you a smile, and says Namaste. This person may be a total stranger to you. But will you stop your car to see who it really is. Our guess is, some of us are sharp to ignore over-friendly strangers on road, and some of us are not. Majority of us will at least look at them once and our inquisitiveness will take over. We might just stop our bike, or car, to inquire more. It can be out of courtesy, politeness, or anything which will tempt us to know more, May-be we know this person. Beware!!

We have heard of many crime tactics in the past. There are ferocious people waiting in a secluded corner, who will suddenly come in front of your car to stop you. We have also heard of incidents with people robbing you at gun point. We also know of bike snatchers who will target a person on road, catch him/her unaware, and run away. Delhi people have a short fuse, and some of them have resorted to ‘goondagardi’ to make their point valid.

However, what we have not heard of till now is happening in Delhi. Now there is a friendly group of gangs on Delhi road. Unlike the usual criminals, this gang is not scary at first sight. Until you know their real motive. From them, you can learn to distrust people further. Their modus operandi is rather full of Indian gesture.

They will greet you with a smile on road, or they will say Namaste. This will obviously catch anybody’s attention. A person will always notice a stranger smiling at him/her, and also notice somebody saying a Namaste. By the time you can figure out, like do I know this person, you will be robbed. Obviously, their target is to rob many senior citizens, who will likely be swayed by this friendly gesture, completely unaware of their real intention.

This ‘namasate’ gang is quick to pull out their gun. The criminal motive is the same. But people on the road are reportedly getting duped by this ‘namaste’ tactic. Delhi Police have recently caught 4 members of this gang. They are believed to be carrying out their attack very easily. Their smile is infections, and their motive harmful.

The gang is reported to be targeting many motorists on the Delhi roads. And if initial facts on the case are to be believed, they have already executed and robbed many people.

Speaking about its modus operandi, the top cop told the media that, ”The gang members used to say ‘Namaste’ to their target or to pass a smile to them and then rob their valuables and cash at gunpoint. They also used to terrorise them by the name of Kanjhawala gang.”

Namaste gang has a friendly gesture. They would wish you, be friendly and would attempt to get into the car and steal your valuables, threatening the driver before absconding, DCP (west) Vijay Kumar said.

The law and order situation in Delhi has taken a serious hit. There have been multiple crime scenes, with safety and security for women and senior citizens on top of the fray. Such notorious criminals only make us think a step back-is it really worth to trust people anymore? Now even passing a smile to another human will give us a feeling of being attacked at the very next moment. This is really a sad situation, and such culprits should be brought to the books as early as possible. Otherwise, only common man will suffer, deprived of trust, kindness and any kind of polite gesture towards each other.

Pooja Bhatia

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