A NAMO TSUNAMI Emerging Which Could be Bigger than 2014 after Demonetization Says Survey!

 Congress-Mukt Bharat

On the basis of the detailed figures & facts above, I place a few arguments supporting the notion that Congress is non-existent in comparison to the sort of power it once enjoyed –

  • People look at BJP much more positively at the central level than they did at Congress when it was in power.
  • State election after state election is being lost by Congress. It has been unseated from states where it was in power for long periods like Maharashtra, Haryana & Assam.
  • On the national front, Congress is failing to project any leader of stature or vision. It’s been more than 2 years now into the Modi government yet with all the protests & uprisings that Congress has created it hasn’t been able to snatch away any public support from the BJP.
  • The once pan-India Congress party is now at best a regional party. It rules a few states in the north – Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh – although it is predicted that in the upcoming polls Congress might lose both states. Karnataka is the lone large state under the party but in the 2018 election to be held there it is said that Congress will suffer a humiliating defeat as well. Plus Congress’ footprint in the north-eastern part has shrunken massively.
  • Politics of unnecessary opposition & pure hatred towards the Prime Minister is not going down well with the people & its effects are showing.
  • Congress is beyond redemption – at least for the next decade or so – especially under the weak & selfish leadership of Sonia & Rahul Gandhi.

 All-in-all, one can say that the faith of the people in the current government has risen continuously & considerably, & apparently it’s also getting converted into explicit support.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the 2014 NaMo tsunami is gaining strength.

CREDIT: All ground report and analysis has been performed by Dr. Praveen Patil, India’s trusted psephologist.

Twitter: @5Forty3

Vinayak Jain

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